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Thread: So I'm healing my first raid tonight, who wants to give me advice?

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    So I'm healing my first raid tonight, who wants to give me advice?

    So I made sure to read the Holy Priest sticky, however with the new patch changes some of it seems like it's definitely out of date, as well as it didn't answering all my questions so I'm coming here.

    I will be healing 25 Baradin Hold tonight for a guild run. This is the first time I have ever raid healed and am somewhat nervous despite being told many times how simple the place is.

    ~First Question... Foods and Pots. I have an ample supply to any food and flask that I may need being a max alchemist and cook. However my main dilemma is simple. Spirit of Intellect?

    I know spirit is a direct mana regen but as far as I know that's all it is. Int on the other hand is total mana, Spell power, and with replenishment (which I can't see being absent from a 25 man raid) is indirect mana regen.

    My gut instinct tells me to get intelligent buff food and flasks, as I know for fact I will definitely break 100K mana fully buffed. Am I wrong here?

    Also, if I eat from my fish feast, will I get Int or Spirit?

    ~Second Question, the Spec. Spec http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bchZfh...cdoh:zVa0qzz0V (6/32/3)

    I skipped over Spirit of redemption because I can't imagine it making a serious difference in the raid environment, plus I feel it lost value when it's glyph was changed. I also Skipped over Desperate prayer, but if it actually is needed I can throw the point from body and soul in it (which is a filler point to begin with)

    ~Question 3, to Heal, or to Greater Heal, that is the question. Is heal simply not viable do to the heal amount? Should I use Greater heal as the staple single target heal instead?

    ~Question 4, now onto the raid. I watched the guide by Lore, but I still have a question. On Metor strike, how do you know when it's going to hit? Is it casted? Is there a in game warning, can DBM predict it?

    I think that about covers it for now... thanks in advance for any help. I'm really concerned about looking good since despite being in the guild for a little over a month, they are already looking to me as a viable candidate in raids.
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    Int flask.
    Int food.

    I <> Priest

    Use a hammer for nails, and a screwdriver for screws. Healing is all about using the right tool for the job now.

    Boss leans back a bit like he's preparing a big swing before Meteor Slash. Felfire Storm he starts dancing.
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    Personally, I'd go Intellect for BH, the odds of going oom are low - the key to BH is really the dispels and people staying out of the Fel Fire. I've only tanked and dps'd it, but I can say the boss really doesn't hit that hard and if the tanks switch on the Meteor Storm (or whatever it's called) the raid damage should be very manageable. Also, the fight should be over relatively quickly - two Fel FireStorms and out.

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    1, 3, 4 - read Quin's post (yes you get intellect from feasts)

    2 - There's really no point in taking 1/2 Body and Soul, it's a max or go home talent. And considering the slim pickins in the holy tree, you should max it. State of Mind is very crappy too now, because you will be doing very little Chakra-hopping in a raid context. So move the points from State of Mind into 2/2 Body and Soul and the last point into either Spirit of Redemption (which can help you cheese some kills, even if it's not outstanding) or Desperate Prayer (my vote - the 30% heal is great now).

    You're also going to want to glyph for Renew. They buffed it and nerfed PoH - both heals have their place now, although for BH you're going to be leaning more on PoH because you have plenty of time to cast, and (hopefully) your groups are split up in a way that you can heal 5 people at once.

    Also, your Spirit regen is based off of your Intellect as well - 1 Spirit of course is much more MP5 than 1 Intellect, but it does play a role. Don't forget, also, that your Shadowfiend and Hymn of Hope mana restores are based off of max mana pool.

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    I heal this on my Holy Pally with another HPally. No big deals as long as the tanks are doing there job. Make sure you dispel debuffs ASAP, if not, it can get ugly real quick. Chakra-Sanctuary+Chastise and CoH your side while PW:S, PoM, and Renew on tank. During fire phase everyone needs to just stay out of the fire by moving. You could throw Renew tics and CoH during this phase. When the tanks take big spike damage intermittently then use a FH on them. Like I said, I heal this on my Paladin but if I were to heal this on my Holy Priest this is what I would do.

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    Some general tips. When learning a fight for the first time as a healer it's always better to blow your mana and over heal. Once you get comfortable with the damage and how the fight moves and works you can tone it down and look to be efficient. Over healing is great when you're learning it gives every one more time to get use to the fight and see the different stages.

    For Barin hold really you're just looking to chain heal on the tank and throw out a PoH and a CoH when you take aoe dmg. The fights straight forward and you should have any trouble on it.

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    Stay clam. ABC's and watch for fire standers!

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