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Thread: 4.0.6 The New Patch - Holy Priest

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    4.0.6 The New Patch - Holy Priest

    Did any other holy priest feel....weak after yesterdays patch?

    In our 10 man raids I could usually keep up with the pallies and often outheal them on some fights. Either that or we would all be around 25% each or so on healing done.

    Last nights raid I was lagging behind alot, and they moaned they had been nurfed lol.

    Any-ways, I felt that Prayer of Healing was really poor, was critting for 18k or so pre-patch, now it wasn't doing much more than 11k. I noticed in 5 man and 10 man heroics (non heroic) I was using greater heal alot more, and this was hardly critting. (And yes i know crit isnt a Holy Priest thing.)

    Using ball park figures I would say Greater Heals critting at about 1 in 3 or 4, now it felt more like 1 in 10 or more. Same with PoH/CoH, would see a lot of crits on this, now maybe 1 or so from the whole group.

    Mana also seemed to be more of an issue, as felt like I had to heal twice as much to make up for the apparent less powered spells and lack of crit.

    Did anyone else notice anything with their Priest Chars last night / today?

    Hope it was just me having an off day because I felt really crap last night

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    I felt that Ony deep breaths more...


    You were probably having an off day.

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    Things feel pretty good right now. My renews are ticking for cheaper and my PoH hits the groups for more. Are you using your Chakra properly and in Sanctuary mode? (assuming you're raid healing like I am) I can break 9-10k hps in my mostly i346 gear without breaking a sweat and the 60% larger heal on the first PoM bounce is fantastic.

    As the previous poster stated, it was probably an off-day.

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    I dont know how your poh can hit for more considering it has had its effectiveness reduced by 18% heh. But yeah always in Sanctuary etc. Healing heroics so know the drills.

    Gonna go browse official priest forums see if theres any info on there ^^

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    You might have to think a little more before you use PoH now. There were Priests before the patch that were completely happy with 50%+ overheals from PoH. Personally, I'd cry if I ever did that much overhealing, but it's really difficult to fault them when PoH was really that good of a spell. It was a well deserved nerf, but with the other changes, you should be about where you were pre-patch if you change up your healing style just a bit. The CoH change is ridiculous(ly OP) and Renew is a decent filler now.

    I will say that mana was a bit tight in my raid last night. I wouldn't say it was terribly bad considering we were short a healer, but I did have to go back to using Inner Will and actually thinking about my mana.

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    Over all I'm happy with the changes. The buff to our mobile healing spells makes things alot easier for me. CoH is a great on the move heal and I find my self tossing out more renews and not feeling bad about it. Not being rooted to the ground casting PoH to keep on healing is a godsend in any fight that requires movement.

    I did notice my regen take a slight hit but it really didn't effect my game play at all.

    Right now Im tempted to switch up my talents and glyphs to:

    Adding Imp Bubble and glyphing it just adds another tool for on the move healing. What I am worried about is if my mana would be able to support it or not. Between CoH Renew and ImpBubble It's three nice instant heals on top of holy word. But Imp Bubble will be a big drain on my mana and it's very easy just to spam away it and burn through my blue bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pockmark View Post
    I dont know how your poh can hit for more considering it has had its effectiveness reduced by 18% heh.
    Maybe it is my new gear...I don't know - it seems to do more percentage of my healing...or it's just my head! I will keep an eye on my numbers!

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