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Thread: New Patch, I will definitely go protection!!!

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    New Patch, I will definitely go protection!!!

    With this new patch Im convinced, protection is the way for me, still great mobility, stuns and control.
    Charge and intercept with no shared CD!
    And I can also intervene!

    Maybe I will have to re arange my build to take a point in "piercing howl", just deciding this days.
    Any thoughts??

    ps. this is just for BGs not arenas, Im not doing lots of damage, but Im having tons of fun!!

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    You can still roflstomp people during an intercept stun, either with fury (bloodthirst and raging blow hit way harder after the patch) or with arms. It's only HS that gets nerfed to more reasonable numbers. But if you only play some BGs for fun and no rated ones just pick whatever you like and annoy all caster with 6s spellreflects

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