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Thread: Raid Leaders... what are some of the tools you use in game?

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    Raid Leaders... what are some of the tools you use in game?

    i am currently using a customized TukUI + Macaroon... but been self "volunteered" into the RL position...

    i feel the need for certain "tools" to make my life easier...

    one that comes off the top of my mind is combat logs... the default tukui combat log is a bit of a mess imo... anything you guys can recommend?

    secondly... any other addons that is essential that you guys can recommend?

    for organization, i find groupcalendar 5 sweet... but this is just the secretarial one...
    no dkp system... but anything else you guys can recommend would be great.

    monkey see... monkey do...

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    Loggerhead - combat logger

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    skada/recount - track dps/healing/deaths/interupts/dispells etc.
    bigbrother - misdirects/tricks and flaskcheck
    raidstatusbuff or some other addon for buffs
    about dkp, better make someone else to do it, don't do everything on your own

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    From someone whos been a raid lead since mc. Learn to delegate. Straight up. You may lead the encounter but key people lead with you. You want it to work, have dialogue with your tank and healers. That will beat any addon any day because they see things you won't as far as encounter wise.

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    Addons wise:
    Skada (or any good dmg meter) - if I want to find out who is/isn't interrupting/dispelling, or just see who's doing damage/healing
    Expiration (or any similar death log) - invaluable in learning what actually killed people (and the order in which people died), much easier UI to use than recount
    Grid w/GridRaidStatusDebuffs (or any raid frames, setup to give a simple view and critically, who's dead)

    I use ORA3 but honestly, I'm not sure it gives me much value.

    For progression, I sometimes run World of Logs "Live Logs" feature (supported in game by the loggerhead addon) although this is something you could delegate. Although the addons that I mentioned are good, having a browser interface that multiple people can poor over is great when trying to unpick problems. Outside of progression, I'd still arrange for logs to be uploaded and encourage raiders to care about their performance.

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    I use:

    RaidBuffStatus for pre-ready check buff status.
    EnsidiaFails - For reporting into Officer Chat who stands in fire, eats a shadow crash, etc...
    Recount - For checking who's attacking the right targets, how people died, etc...

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    I use Phoenix Style to track after combat mishaps. It will also do Flask Check/Potion Check, set up break/pull timers(and will set them as bars in the more commonly used boss mods). The one thing I love about Phoenix Style is persistent raid markers. If you need to mark someone, the mod will set it so it marks the person every [VALUE]. Makes life a lot easier.

    about dkp, better make someone else to do it, don't do everything on your own
    Agree with this 100%. Have someone else do it.

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    If you don't want to run a mod to track flask and food buffs, you can use a macro instead:

    /run nf="Flask";for i=1,GetNumRaidMembers()do for b=1,41 do ufl=UnitAura('raid'..i,b);if ufl then if strfind(ufl,"Flask")or strfind(ufl,"Distilled")then break;end;elseif b==41 then nf=nf..UnitName('raid'..i).." ";end;end;end;SendChatMessage(nf,"officer");
    /run nfb="Eat: ";for i=1,GetNumRaidMembers()do for b=1,40 do ua=UnitAura('raid'..i,b);if ua=="Well Fed"or ua=="Food"then break;elseif b==40 and ua~="Well Fed"then nfb=nfb..UnitName('raid'..i).." ";end;end;end;SendChatMessage(nfb,"officer");
    These two macros print the people missing a flask or the "well fed" buff into officer chat. If you change "officer" to "raid" it will print to the raid channel instead.

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