Who we are:
<aus> is a progression minded semi hardcore raiding guild. We schedule multiple raids (a few 10 mans, but only 1 core weekend 25) to accomodate for our mix of Aussie, US and Asian time zone players. Our guild is built around a social atmosphere and our members are talented, close knit and and take progression seriously.

Raid times:
With the start of Cata and the new raid lockouts, we decided we wanted to keep our weekend 25 man raid intact while also giving members the option of raiding 10 mans during the week. We achieve this by alternating weekend raid instances every 2 weeks. For example, Feb11-12 & 18-19 we would schedule BWD & Throne of the 4 Winds for our weekend raid schedule. For those 2 weeks, the 10 man raids will focus on BoT.

Our core 25 raid takes place 2 days a week:
Friday 630-1130pm server (1130am-430pm AEST Saturday).
Saturday 630pm-12am server (1130am-5pm AEST Sunday).
(above times are for first pull. Invites for raids go out 20 mins before the first pull).

Our 10 man raids take place during weekday evenings (multiple Aussie and 1 US raid team). These raids are mainly scheduled Tues-Thurs, starting roughly 8pm zone time and have durations of 3-4 hours max.

Currently recruiting:
Ranged: Highly desired - Any class.
Healers: 25 man raid full - although we will gladly consider any hybrid combo (Healer/Tank or Healer/DPS).
Healers: 1x needed specifically for AU 1- man group.
Tanks: Full.
Melee: Full.

Interested applicants should:
- Spec accordingly for the role you're apping to.
- Minimum gear level required ilvl 340.
- High level gems and chants on all pieces - rare quality gems mandatory (epic if available), no slack enchants.
- Rep based shoulder and helm chants are a requirement (exalted rep).
- Maintain 80 percent weekend attendance.
- Be able to follow direction.
- Have a good internet connection.
- Be a team player with a positive attitude.
- Want to progress and accomplish new things.
- Have vent and mandatory mods installed.
- Come prepared.

If this sounds like you, post up an app or speak to any officer in game. Apply here: http://ausguild.surlymonkey.com/index.php. (Note, you'll need to sign up for forum access to post your app).