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Thread: patch 4.0.6 warriors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Booi View Post
    I've macro'd it into shield block now.
    I've done this now and, no matter whether I think the whole concept of inner rage needs an overhaul or not, this seems like an elegant way for prot warriors to handle it until it does.

    For DPS specs, I've been wondering whether a castsequence macro might work to give the 'rageboard' effect... e.g.
    /castsequence reset=0.2 heroic strike, inner rage
    This means you can double-tap heroic strike to start inner rage, saving you a key for it.

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    Yeah, I ended up doing the same thing last night. Sometimes use it, sometimes don't. Can't really predict the rage spikes well enough to use it reactively--mostly because it doesn't seem to change the existing cooldown of a Heroic Strike.

    (e.g. if you realize, 'oh crap I have too much Rage' but you just pressed Heroic Strike, it will still have a 2.5s cooldown after you use Inner Rage anyway. Using Inner Rage should probably reset the cooldown of Heroic Strike... but they were probably concerned about PvP burst with that or something.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    I don't get why Blizzard doesn't either give us prot talent or a glyph to make IR work like it used too.
    What's the point, though? May as well just give Prot a passive damage increase. If there is no risk or cost to it (and most people macro'd it anyway) then it stops being an interesting ability either way.

    If the only thing an ability serves to do is clutter up our bars or macro list without adding any gameplay, there isn't much reason for it to be in the game.
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    agree theres little reason for it to be in the game (apart from thw female goblin activation SFX). I just liked the fact that i didn't have to spam HS, and it burnt more rage. It just felt i was better utilizing my resource

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