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Thread: Constant Disconnects in World of Warcraft

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    Constant Disconnects in World of Warcraft

    I've recently been being disconnected or dropped in multiple online games, but this is mostly aimed at World of Warcraft, It can be fine for hours or even days but it often comes to a point where I can't stay online for more then 10 seconds.

    The thing is, it works fine if I connect directly to the modem with out the router, but I have the same problem with 3 different routers including a rather expensive new one I just got.

    - The Problem persists on multiple differnt computers with differnt OS and anti viruses

    - I've forwarded all the necessary ports

    - I've updated all the routers firmware

    - I've adjusted my networking card

    - I've power cycled the router many times

    So my main question is if its posible that theirs something wrong with my connection or modem even though they work fine with out any of the routers?

    I've been having this problem for while and have spent a lot of time trying to figure it out, so and suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check the cable ?

    I would assume you've tried this already, but if the PC direct connects to the modem and works fine doesn't sound like the PC or the modem.

    3 different routers says it's not a router specific issue.

    When this happens do other apps, like IE seem to act poorly ?

    I've seen similar issues happen with bad patch cables and bad outside wiring ....

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    Someone else actually suggested the wire in a past thread about the same thing, and after I replaced it everything was fine for a couple days and I thought it must have been the problem, but it went back to the same thing shortly after that. I'm only talking about the Ethernet cord between the router and modem though, I'm not sure how I would check if its the outside wiring or replace it if it is, but that goes back to the fact that it works right from the modem

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    So 100% of the time, if you plug into the router it works with 0 drops. How long have you tested this for ?

    Outside wiring is a provider thing. Who's the internet supplier ?

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    Rogers high speed,
    and I have tested it for days at a time, not to say that the connection hasn't been fine for days at a time, but it would be a really big coincidence if I just get lucky whenever I connect right to the modem, especialy snce I don't bother doing it until I start having issues

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