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Thread: [A] [Sargeras] Conviction Recruiting for 25m Heroics

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    [A] [Sargeras] Conviction Recruiting for 25m Heroics

    Conviction is a 25 man, semi-hardcore raiding guild- Our main focus is 25 man heroic progression- We are looking to add core raiders for our Heroic Mode push- Seeking dedicated, mature, knowledgeable players that want to push to be the best and clear heroic content.

    Conviction Information:

    - We have a 4 day raid schedule, Sunday-Wednesday from 8:05 til 12:00server
    * Once progression raiding wraps up in that raid tier, raid days will be cut down. Invites go out promptly at 7:55.

    - Currently we are 6/6 25man Blackwing Descent, 4/4 in 25man Bastion of Twilight, 1/2 in 25man and 2/2 in 10man Throne of the Four Winds

    - Our main focus presently is raiding current content and recruiting solid players to ensure 25man raiding every night.

    - We use a wishlist/merit loot system

    Class Needs:
    We are primarily recruiting Shadow Priests, Boomkins, Hunters, and Healers; however, exceptional applicants from all classes will be interviewed.

    Contact us:

    For more information or to apply to Conviction please visit our new website at:



    Contact an officer in game: Ahlanei, Bloodsowrd, Cailya, and Vk.

    Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!
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