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Thread: New to Resto Shaman

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    New to Resto Shaman

    Hi, just like to start off with a background -- I have been playing a Holy Priest for the last couple of months and quite enjoying it, main problem is we just had a Shaman and Mage bail from raiding so now we are left clean out of the water without a Lust. Because of this I have leveled a shaman to 85 and just wondering if I could get a point in the right direction concerning gearing and what not.


    What spec and glyphs should I use?
    Here is what I was intending to use for raiding. http://www.wowhead.com/talent#hbZbhM...sRGo:dMsmc0mM0

    What are Resto's most important stats?
    Im guessing something like

    Haste > Int > Crit > Spirit

    However with that being said, is it worth getting combat MP5 up to a reasonable amount before getting haste?

    How should I gem?
    I was intending on aiming for all socket bonuses i.e
    Red - Int
    Blue - Int/Spirit
    Yellow - Int/Haste

    With the INT/Max Mana meta.

    What stats do I reforge on my gear?
    I Have no idea.

    What self buffs should I use?
    Earthgiving Weapon and Mana Shield, however should I be using the 300spirit or 300 int flask when raiding?

    What's the standard in healing?
    After the changes in Cata in leaning towards just keeping Riptide on the MT and spamming Healing Wave? Saving Healing surge and Greater HW for when its needed. However should I be using riptide on DPS that need heals or just stick to HW and GHW?

    Are there any viable macros or shaman addons?
    retty much just using Grid with a couple of focus macros atm on my priest.

    What totems should I use for most raid situations?

    Stone Skin / Flametongue / Healing Stream / Wrath of Air?

    New Abilities

    When should I cast Unleash Elements?
    Is it worth saving when healing? Or just spam it.

    When should I cast Healing Rain?
    I'm guessing if its anything like the new priest holy word mana is going to be an issue? Should this just be saved until its in dire need?

    Note this was copied from the ELEMENTAL SHAMAN post and used a guide line.

    Thanks in advance for any responses that are posted and will be eager to hear any advice!!

    Thanks Joel.

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    Intellect above all else. Spirit is crucial to your mana regen (and with the changes to Mana Tide in the upcoming patch, it will help out your fellow healers quite a bit too). Crit is a nice mix of throughput and regen, while Haste is a stronger more reliable source of throughput with no regen component. Mastery? Meh.

    Gemming to all socket bonuses (primarily Intellect) is a good plan. I would skip it if it's like, 10 Crit or 10 Mastery or something really weak, but most socket bonuses are worth grabbing for a healer.

    In the beginning, reforge everything to have Spirit if it doesn't have it already. Once you've done that, get rid of all your Mastery for either Crit or Haste (I tend towards Crit in my current crap gear, because mana returns = yummy).

    Int flask > Spirit flask.

    The goal is to have multiple Riptides rolling (with the glyph, it has a pretty nice duration), using it on cooldown or close to it. Make sure that Earth Shield has a 100% uptime on your tank, this is very important. Healing Wave is your spam spell for weaker damage, but you will often need to use your bigger heal. Currently Healing Surge kicks the crap out of GHW, because GHW is very underpowered at the moment - I haven't looked into how this will change with the buffs in 4.0.6 (due this week supposedly).

    Healing Rain is absolutely nothing like Sanctuary for a Priest. It is much more mana-efficient, can have a much higher uptime, does more healing, and most important doesn't obstruct the damn ground so you can actually see through it!

    Grid/Clique is a great setup.

    Totems: Whatever buffs are not already covered. I will say that Healing Stream is actually very potent nowadays, so you should be looking to use this if you can get the MP5 buff covered (and usually there is a Paladin more than happy to cast Might on the raid).

    UE is a good spell for when you're mobile, I wouldn't spam it because there are plenty of times when you need to move and heal at the same time - you have several options, but UE + Riptide is by far the most reliable one.

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    I agree with most of what Sebadoh said.... though I prefer Vuhdo to heal with... but thats more a matter what you like.. Grid/Vuhdo/Healbot... try them all... use what you like...

    Make sure to get the Addon ShieldsUp.... that will be good to start as it will teach you to keep your Earthshield on the tank and Watershield on yourself as well as your weapon enchant....

    Since you are going to start heroics I suggest speccing Focused Insight (throw Earthshock and then Healing Rain) and then yell at people to stand in the rain...

    Generally Healing in heroics is pretty boring for a shaman...

    Throw up earth shield on tank... toss rip tide as he runs in to get the tick going.... hit a target with earthshock drop Healing Rain on melee group and then start dpsing... I'm specced into Telluric Currents so I throw lightning bolts to get mana back... .... As needed Spam Healing Wave....

    GHW is getting a +10 mana cost and +20% healing buff in 4.0.6... personally I find no use for Healing Surge and just anticipate damage and make sure a GHW is already qued to land... this will just make GHW more useful

    Max out your INT and Spirit.... if you need regen food and elixars for spirit ... else go for Int.

    I'm an Anti - Socket bonus unless it gives you a nice Int bonus.... I go all brillant except what I need for my meta...

    Also remember you have Hex, Elemental Bind, Wind Shear and Earthshock.... its as much your job to reduce incoming damage as to heal it...
    its cheaper to prevent then to heal...

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    Thanks that guys -- Just I have tried using some of the other mods like Healbot and Cliche but found it just as easy to use the key binds I'm use to.

    As for everything else, I've got my Mp5 up to about 3k while casting with just Water Shield so I can keep that healing stream totem rolling and working on my INT now, here is a link to my Armory.


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