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Thread: Druid tank gemming

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    Druid tank gemming

    Hey all,just wanted to get some fellow bears opinion on what to gem for in cataclysm.First I gemmed pure stamina but now I've gone for more avoidance,using only hybrids and avoidance gems,using pure stam gems to get the socket bonuses.I Think it's fair to say the days of stam stacking are gone,I've asked one of the healers in my guild and he said i'm definately easier to heal now,even with the 10k less health.anyway the reason I post this is because I noticed Darksend is pretty much gemming the same way im doing but I noticed sejta(paragons druid tank) is gone for straight up stam stacking.

    heres a link to my armory if needed

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    -1 armor meta
    - 2 dodge/stamina for activating meta in the most advantageous socket bonuses (usually helm and pants)
    - the rest 40 agility gems

    if you are not tanking heroic mode raids, you don't need to look at paragon's tank.

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    Easier to heal is true for a certain time period.. when you just started raiding. But when your healer are decked in 359s and you start progressing heroic modes things shifts heavily. Halfus and Chimaeron are more or less the gate bosses of heroic progression and all your dodge gems won't help you surviving a roar or won't help you on the double attack during feud (hitting for 100k twice in a second with 50% shieldwall).

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    sejta in paragon is at the point where the avoidance in his gear is high enough.

    more stamina = more vengeance = higher SD shields from mastery as well as higher threat.

    Watch me play SC2 ladder and enjoy the lolz

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