25 Man Raiding Guild Second to None are Recruiting.

We are located on the Kazzak (EU) PVP Server, English Realms.

We are also open to bulk applications from groups of players who may be in 10 man guilds but wishing to apply with friends for 25man Spots.

We are currently progressed 10/12 Normal 25 Man Dungeons.

We are Now currently looking for:

A Blood DK / Prot Paladin or Feral Tank.

All Healer Classes - Exceptional Candidates only.

Priority on Selected DPS Classes - Elemental Shaman, Warlocks.

Exceptional Melee applicants.

We are now also accepting Levelling Casual Players

Applicants to be geared for 25 Man raiding. Experience of more than current PUG-level bosses is not necessary but a benefit.

We raid Mon-Thurs 19:15 - 23:00 server.

To Apply or for more information, feel free to whisper Moonschwine, Lictius, Tevan or Stygwarrior or go to our website at www.secondtonone-guild.com

Thanks alot and good luck on any applications you make.