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Thread: Holy Pally Issues

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    Holy Pally Issues

    So since Cata has hit I respec'd my paladin to holy. I used to heal on my disc priest in wrath but decided to go with pally this time around.

    My problem is mana and not being able to keep the group up if more than a couple people are taking heavy damage. From what I understand I should be spamming holy light to keep people up and to conserve mana. This works about 50% of the time, it feels like tanks take too much damage too fast for me to just use HL. I realize I should be using FoL as a clutch but midways through a fight I find myself having to use FoL constantly. I try to get my holy shock in pretty much every time its cooled down so I can hit them with word of glory as much as possible. Also if the group is taking heavy damage and I am having to FoL 2-3 people the amount of mana my judgement returns is pretty much useless as FoL eats through it before judge is off CD.

    I do use Divine Plea and Arcane Torrent in those situations when they are not on CD but it still doesnt seem like enough. Depending on the instance I do fairly well in heroic 5mans unless its an instance where the mobs deal a lot of damage to the entire group. Holy Radiance just seems to work well to bring the group back up at a steady pace after they have all taken a bit of damage doesnt really feel like it heals enough to negate any large amount of damage and it cost like 9k mana. LoD seems to do very little in this situation as well.


    I reforge mastery and crit to haste or spirit. Mostly have haste.
    EDIT: I have enchanted 3 of the 4 missing enchants since I posted this - dont think armory has updated yet.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    Holy Pally Issues

    First, no FoL. I haven't used it in weeks. Divine light for high throughput.

    Next, melée. Use seal of insight. Melée for mana returns and crusaders strike any free cd for more holy power=more word of glory.

    Next, don't forget holy radiance. IMO, the most OP heal in the game ATM.

    Last, very rarely should that many people be taking high damage (baron ashbury is one exception). You heal unavoidable damage, not the stupidity out of some dps.
    "he doens't need healing, he doesn't need healing, he doesn't nee-WHAOSHIT!wtf was that man!". Please stop leaning on TDR. -Teng

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