We are currently at uldum alliance, and we are looking to fill our 10m whit some solid ppl to proggres and start doing heroics as soon as posible, currently we have 4 on BwD ( magmaw, omnitron, atramedes, maloriak) Working on chimeron and hopefully nef this week, 2 on BoT ( halfus and valion and theralion ) working on council, 1 in throne, we are looking for 1-2 Awesome tanks, that know his Job and class, and 1-2 Amazing dps ( casters preferred ) to help us proggres and start working on more challenging content.

If u have any questions, fell free to create a alt on our server and contact, Iziz, Bantamuha or Whimsie, we hope to see u on game, and good hunting.