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Thread: Need Help with theory, bear tank, pls!

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    Need Help with theory, bear tank, pls!

    Hi all,
    Im a spanish bear tank, and I think nobody (in spain)really knows mechanics about bear (not general features, Im interested in advanced theory)
    people dont like bears for tanking here
    but I love it.
    Im forced to post in english forums, where I think have more info about this.
    sorry for my bad english, I will do my best.

    Im worried about two aspects, first: my dodge (after cata) was 54%, cool, my main stats: dodge, stamina, agility
    ok this is wet paper now whats your opinion? same priority?

    second: what about mastery? is this now my main objetive? recomended lvls? I think ( I dont know if Im wrong) mastery have a limit value, further of that value is useless. somebody know how calculate mastery lvl? need more crit for damage absortion?

    please I know may be dificoult understand my english but I really need some help.
    Thanksss all!!

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    Thanks !!! was very usefull Katarn! recomded read for every bears

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