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Thread: Halp! I fail!

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    Halp! I fail!

    Hi thare!

    I recently decided to come back and play WoW just to see if cataclysm's changes where worth it. So far so good, took me a solid day and a half to hit 85 with some great quests to boot! Now I'm trying to read up on all the theory crafting, fix UI, fix UI, Key bindings etc.. for the game but gear wise I haven't a clue, like mastery wtf is that!!! , but I digress. Scrutinize, criticize, and LoL over my current stats but honestly I need some hALP!


    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rture/advanced

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    Just at a quick glance, the +10 all stats gem has to go out of the relic socket. Put a hybrid Stam/Mastery gem in there. Blacksmithing says you have 2 unused sockets and JC has 3 unused chimera's eyes. Use them to your advantage.

    Your talent spec is all sorts of whacky. Don't take seals of the pure unless you are having absolutely unreal trouble keeping aggro. I discovered seal of insight awhile back when I first started tanking heroics while still being able to keep aggro, it helps your healers tremendously. Hallowed ground, in my opinion is half-way acceptable when in heroic content, but the moment you get out of heroics and around that 350 ilvl you're going to want to slap those two points into reckoning. You are missing Vindication, which is a HUGEEEEE damage reducer and a primary tanking talent that is a must have! Pick that up with one of those points in seals of the pure! On the ret side it looks fine, except I would move one point out of rule of law and into pursuit of justice.

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