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Thread: Feral Tank Looking for a Check-Up

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    Feral Tank Looking for a Check-Up

    Hey guys, I was just curious and wanted to get a general check-up on my character optimization, be it spec, gearing or gemming.


    Right now my guild is just getting into downing 10-man raid content. We've been hampered by some less-than-ideal group makeups (2 hunters and 3 druids ftl ). We're trying to expand to open up another 10-man team by picking up a couple of mages, holy pallies or shaman. Once we do that and can split up our hunters and druids, our progression should kick into high gear.

    I'm about 7k from exalted with Therazane, and plan to unlock the epic shoulder enchants in the next day or two.

    I've got all the heroic tanking trinkets but I haven't quite decided which ones to use. I've settled on Tia's for one slot, but for the bottom one I keep waffling between the alchemist stone and stam trinket from Stonecore.

    If anybody has any critiques or suggestions about my optimization, gemming or spec, I'd be thrilled to hear it.

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    From what I see you are in a pretty good place. Trinkets as you mentioned are not necessary plug and go.... make sure you have a collection of them since some fights you are going to want to go with two stamina ones. And as long as you are not having issues with threat your Hit/Exp are fine.... I run with very low Hit/EXP and have no issues with threat.

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    You could go either way on the reforging of the Mastery on your Trinkets into Dodge. It's a pretty personal choice. I prefer to leave it, while others prefer to reforge.

    Grab the JP pants. Looks like your gloves are missing a reforge.

    +Stats is generally a better enchant for Chest than +Stam. The amount of Stam you have from gear should be sufficiently fine. Could also go with Agi/Mastery on your Shoulders as well.

    Grab a Fluid Death, unless you are planning on getting the Pants first. In which case grab those and then a Fluid Death.

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