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Thread: Help - Guild Tank Threat Awful

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    Help - Guild Tank Threat Awful

    Hey guys I'm looking for some advice on getting my Guild #2 tank(a warrior) into the CAT tanking world... Our big issue is anytime people start going over about 11k dps they pull threat... (I know its frustrating for him since my Bear can easily handle DPSers over 20K). Can you guys work your magic and give me some ideas for him... as a Bear I don't understand the warrior mechanics well enough to help him.

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    If he is doing what most tanks are doing then he likely has very little expertise. He may need to take a look at his rotation, but generally speaking if a tank has very low expertise/hit then they need a second to get threat. Once they do get threat they cannot go into auto-pilot though, and if he is doing that then his threat will be crap.
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    Well he should gear, gem and sometimes reforge more effektive. I could give many advices there. But that's mostly about survivability, not about threat.

    I don't have the time to analyze the log, at the moment. But at least all important abilities are presten. However that does not tell you if he is doing it right.

    I would recomment to get Deep Wounds instead of Cruelty. If he has any rage problems he should consider to take full Shield Specialization. Maybe he does not need Vigilance if he is not raiding, or can skip a point somewhere else. If he has no rage problesm at all, that's fine, he should not change it then.

    There are better choices for some glyphs he is using: Shockwave does not help you if you want to maintain both Blood and Thunder and Thunderstruck beside of your normal rotation. Heroic Throw for example could be helpfull to apply a Sunder early. Glyph of Command and Glyph of Victory Rush probably get few uses, as well. Intimidating Shout is an alternative here, to get an additional group interrupt or stun like effect every 2m.

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    Impressions of his Armory:
    • Head: need to enchant and switch to latest gem, I prefer stam/block
    • Wrists: upgrade asap, green
    • Boots: get the exalted rep epic ones, tabard ftw
    • Get all the epic crafted stuff such as chest, fairly cheap at this point and will be even better after 4.06 ads gem slot
    • Expertise: softcap is still nice to shoot for (26), no reason to reforge out of some expertise toward mastery on cloak
    Gear upgrades, better enchants, better gems are always nice but 99% of the time good threat is a timing/ability use problem much more then anything else. Make sure to throw Vigilance on the other tank in a raid setting to improve vengence stacking.

    As a Prot Warrior it is really important to use charge to effectively begin attacking prior to anyone else & start with a burst of rage available. However there is a fine line to not go so far ahead you surprise / out-range your healers. Make sure everything is keybound and I usually use something like the following:

    Single Target: Heroic throw -> Charge ->
    Shield Slam > Revenge > Shockwave > Conc Blow > Rend if expired > Devastate and always use Heroic Strike if 50+ rage

    Multiple Target: Heroic throw one target -> Charge a diff target -> Thunderclap -> Position & Shockwave -> Rend
    Thunderclap to spread rend or if rend falling off > Shockwave > Revenge > Tab target normal ability use while using Cleave whenever 50+ rage instead of HS

    The other main thing for tanks is to setup their UI well and use an addon such as Aloft so that they can easily see/target mobs as well as see based on nameplate color the mob status: solid threat, losing threat, attacking someone else
    This allows liberal use of taunt if required and also lets him know what he needs to focus on. Obviously good ability use prevents taunting but there is no reason to not use it if a mob ever starts to head after someone they shouldn't.

    Proactive cooldown use such shield block should be used on cooldown to increase Shield Slam damage as well as other cooldowns such as Blood Fury for orcs and defensive cooldowns to prevent spike damage intake when charging ahead to build initial threat before other people start. It is a million times easier to keep threat then to pull it off of other people.

    Tanking is my off-spec at this point and I still fairly easily keep threat off of our various DPS that range from steady 15/20k dps up to 80k/100k+ spikes (dirty mages). If your tank has threat problems don't blame his gear, blame his reaction time and ability use.
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    Thanks Squirrelnut.... I'll pass along the information... I'm sure he will greatly appreciate it!

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    Great post TY squirrel


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