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Thread: Pre-raid check up

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    Pre-raid check up

    Hey out there, new to everything here and hoping for advice.


    Doing my first raid this weekend, and wanting to be the best that I can be for it. My main worries are some of the reforging/gemming/enchants. Im still not expertise capped as seen and hit is 1% away, how hurtful will that be in BWD? I know my ranged isnt great, been watching the AH and running VP for the BoE one because I flat out cant afford the engineering one.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Get rid of all the expertise and hit. You don't need it. Your problem will be survivability and not holding threat. Your Vengeance will be so high you will not trust your eyes. It will ensure you to hold threat even if every 4th ability does not actually hit the target. You probably have a hunter or rogue to misdirect you to cover the first few seconds, or a druid who gives you thornes. After that nobody (well maybe another tank) will be able to get the mob off of you, hit and expertise caped or not. I'm running with 4 expertise and below 1% hit at the moment and I've run with less without a problem on the normal modes. (And people doing heroic modes have comparable values.)

    Because you went for expertise and hit, your block is extremely low. Dodge could be a little bit higher, too, because the differences for it and parry are quite high and dodge would give you more coverage of the hit-table, you are missinge something there because of much higher deminishing returns on parry. They deminish at the same rate, since Cata.

    Well, back to the "basics" (or better the theory):
    There is one gearing goal you want to reach as soon as possible. You can reach this goal with the gear you are wearing, but you just have to readjust it.

    The goal is to get a total of 77.4% of combined dodge, parry and block. Everything else is just not important as long as you are not there. And even when you reach this value, your goal is to improve those stats further on. But than you can try to fine tune your stuff a little bit more.

    Why 77.4%?
    You want to get to a state where you will never ever get a normal hit. Where the every swing the boss aims at you is either avoided or blocked/crit blocked. If you can get there, no hit will be bigger than 70% of the original size. That is an enormus dmg reduction. Becaus you KNOW this will be the case, you can act accordingly (and your healers can, too). This state is called "unhittable"

    You cannot reach full unhittable at the moment. Even not with heroic raid gear. But warriors have a nice ability: Shild Block. It gives you 25% additional block, when used. This is enough to give us unhittability even with pre-raid gear, if it is tuned for it. You can use SB every 30s for 10s. That's 1/3 of the time. That's extremely good. You can either use it on CD, or around special boss attacks (which will happen every 30s most of the time, anyway). 30% dmg reduction (on melee attacks) is quite good. Look at your Shield Wall, it gives you just 10% more every 2m (against every dmg). So you definilty should want to have it.

    Well that explains your goal, but not the number. Now it get's a little bit mathy. I hope you know about the hit table. You are unhittable if you can cover the whole hit table with misses, dodge, parry and block. Since bosses have higher chances to hit us, because they are 3 levels above us, all our defensive stats are reduced against them. We could calculate this by readjusting our values all the time, or by just blowing up the hit table by the reduction. The last one is much easier to do, because we can just use the values of your character sheet and compare them against the bigger size of the hit table. We don't need to readjust the values afert every change we do to your doll. The adjusted size of the table is 102.4%.

    You maybe have heared about this value before when you wanted you wanted to get crit-imune. Well now we get crit imunity with the talents. So we are reaching for the next step: hit immunity. That's actually what we are doing here.

    Since def is gone as a stat, we cannot adjust the boss miss chance anymore. It's a fixed 5% (in your adjusted table). As mentioned before, we need SB to get there, so we can just use it's 25% for the calculation. 102.4%-5%-25% = 77.4%. That's the value you have to get by your own, by parry, dodge and block.

    You are sitting at 64.93%. But when you do it right you will be nicely over 77.4%.

    So what should you actually do?
    Gear selection:
    Try to get gear in the following order:
    - mastery + dodge/parry
    - mastery + hit/expertise or dodge+parry
    - dodge/parry + hit/expertise
    - mastery + crit/haste
    - other stuff

    You have some items of the 3rd or lower category. Try to replace them. (Well you will not be able to do this for the purple ones and the ranged weapon pre raiding) But you can get a better ranged weapon, anyway. Well lvl 346 ones will have agi insterad of strength but, well we have to live with that.

    - If an item has no mastery reforge to mastery. If it has hit/expertise reforge that. If it has both dodge and parry, reforge the value that is higher.
    - If an item has mastery, use reforging to balance our dodge and parry. They should be close together with parry somwhat (1-3% higher). As long as you are not at the 77.4% you should aim for balanced values.

    Parry and dodge do the same to cover your hit table. But parry also adds a little bit crit block due to Hold the Line talent. That's good. But reaching the unhittbility is much more important. Both parry and dodge get diminishing returns. So when you get more ratings, you get a worse conversion rate to your actual percentage. If both values are close together you will get better conversions, than if they are far away from each other.

    When you reach the 77.4% it's ok to let parry get somewhat higher than dodge.
    Geming:Decide your gem strategy and stay true to it. There are 4 strategies people follow at the moment:
    - pure mastery (only use hybrid ones to get meta activated)
    - pure stamina (only use hybrid ones to get meta activated)
    - focus on mastery with getting socket bonusses (blue: stam/mastery, yellow: mastery, red: parry/mastery)
    - focus on stamina with getting socket bonusses (blue: stamina, yellow: stam/mastery, red: parry/stamina)

    Well you probably don't need the stamina. Bosses are not hitting you so hard that you cannot survive 1-3 hits in a row. But they are hitting so hard, and healer mana is so expensive, that it helps you to survive much more, if you reduce the incoming dmg, more. Mastery(block) helps you there, stamina does not. When your healers are running out of mana or you are slowly droping in life they don't have the healing power to cover up all the dps you get hit with, with the mana they have. Reduce the dps of the boss, by using more block, and they have a chance to get you full again, without blowing all their mana in few seconds.

    The differences between pure stamina and pure mastery are about 8k HP and 4-6% block. People start to raid around 160k HP buffed. So geming pure stamina will only be about 5% of your health, if at all. You seldom are healed to full, anyway, so most of your health bar is not used most of the time, anyway. 4-6% block on the other hand can be quite nice, especially if they can help you to get over the 77.4%.

    Do whatever you think about getting bonusses. The difference between those strategies are probably 1-2 gems. I think most bonoses are worth to get, because they just add additional ratings. But that's up to you.

    - Get your glove enchanted to mastery.
    - Think about using stats enchant on your chest, strenght and agility give you some dodge and parry.
    - Reenchant wrists to dodge, you dont need hit.
    - Boots are ok because running speed is good in some encounters, but you can get a mastery enchant for this, slot, too.
    - Shield is ok, but there is also a block one.

    - You have all the basic ones covered. But if you go into fury, Rude Interruption is not worth it. As said before, threat/dmg is no problem. If you think it is, go over to arms instead and grab War Academy and Deep Wounds. If you go into fury, take Piercing Howl. Chances are hight that you will have to do some kiting duty for some raid encounters.
    - I like to have Gag Order. In 5mans a silence is quite good.

    You have Thunderstruck so you want to do your Shock Wave after 3 TC more or less all the time, to get the most out of it. (Since you have also Blood and Thunder it's good to do TC more or less on CD all the time, anyway.) It's hard to get all 3 TCs in the SW CD, anyway, by doing your normal rotation. So 3s on SW CD will not help you. You want to wait for your 3rd TC anyway, with your SW.

    Think about Heroic Throw to get a Sunder Armor up without spending a GCD or charge to be able to get to mobs from a greater distance (you probably will have to collect mobs in some encounters).

    You probably don't need Command and Battle glyphs. If you are rage starved you use your shouts, anyway and in raids both are probably covered by someone else. Even if not, refreshing every 2m does not hurt much. I prefere Demo Shout. And my favorit glyhe is Intimidating Shout. It let's you use your Initimidating shout against overwhelming masses of mobs without them running in every direction. Well you can only use it ever 2m, but it's worth it.
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    Awsome, this is exactly what I needed, gonna get right to work on it

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