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Thread: When to say when?

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    When to say when?

    I know Lore touched on this subject this week. I figured I would put my twist into it.

    Im an officer in a casual raid guild that is poorly progressed. We were 10/12 in ICC10 Reg when Cata dropped. Currently were 1/12 with the only kill being BH. Our raiding consists of Heroics and BoT trash runs are our big raid. Im the Main tank of the guild and I feel Im being held down severely. I have a few guilds on our realm that are heavily recruiting me. Ill just leave it at the problem isnt me.

    While I like them as a whole, lately one of the officers has taken to give me alot of crap because Ive been pugging lately. Ive known these people since I started playing, but I feel I dont deserve this. Ive wiped hundreds upon hundreds of times for them, I have never complained, spent thousands upon thousands of my personal gold (Guild doesnt pay repairs) trying to progress with them. Its to the point where raiding with them is not fun. So I end up pugging.

    I would write more, but I have to get back to work. Thanks for your replys in advance.

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    I'm dealing with a similar issue. I'm in a not very well progressed guild (BH+3/12) as well and there is a very obvious discrepancy between the skill of a lot of the players. Several of us have gotten personal invitations to larger guilds that are 11 or 12/12+ but by the same token, we've been raiding with a lot of these people since BC. Yea, these people are my friends and I like them at all, but I'm getting fed up paying 15$ a month to be 1 of the four or five who take it seriously and wiping over and over because of it.

    Cata really did a lot to de-Wrath the game and make lack of not even skill, but just basic awareness, not just obvious but also very painful. Some people though, no matter how hard you try to convince them otherwise, will always stand in the fire. So what do you do?

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    Im Having the same issue in my guild however one thing i did notice is that this happened at the beggining of cata with HC's as well, People where not gearing fast enough and the top players with the most time got bored and left
    I think personally its very early on and people are still getting use to the new raids new tacts new gear new enchants etc etc etc

    i know with our guild everyone is a lot happier than they where even 1 week ago and some people who left have even come back.
    Myself id probably give it a little bit longer

    I think its a personal choice at the end of the day, but if your not having fun and people really are not trying then maybe its time to llook for greener pastures

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    It really is a fairly simple thing, you need to look and see if you are just "venting" here with the posts, or if you are really unhappy. In the end if these people are your friends they will allow you to still hang out in vent/mumble, keep your alts in the guild(maybe even raid with them on your alts), and go on with your friendship. If they react negatively and kick you from the guild, ban you from the voice chat server, then they weren't your friends in the first place. It is all about balance and in the end what is it that makes you keep coming back? The raiding or the people you are currently playing with.

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    In terms of raiding, supposedly tonight we are going to actually make a real good attempt at downing content. Their performance tonight will affect what I do. I want to see if they are actually serious about downing bosses or if they just want to spaz and stand in the fire.

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