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Thread: 10er Nefarian PERFECT setup

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    10er Nefarian PERFECT setup

    were on Nefarian 10 Men but we canīt Beat him with our Setup theres noway..
    So what would be the Perfect Setup for Only Nefarian 10 Men

    i was thinking about
    Feral/Warrior Tanks
    Holy Pala/Priest/Schaman Heals
    Roque,DW DK (to Kite p1),SV Hunter,Mage,Shadow

    someone got a better idea for an perfect setup?

    since bring the player not the class isnīt in time anymore and 10 men always more fucked than 25er i wanna kill nef finally so if u got a idea for the perfect setup i would be happy to hear it

    (tactic atm... feral ony-warrior nef- dw tank kites p1)

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    A good setup offers you options do to things you can't do without them.. like pushing multiple crackles during phase 2. Disc Priest/Unholy DK/Protpaladin help with this problem. There are already threads about the perfect overall 10 man setup and witzh regard of certain bosses.. but why don't you just list your actual setup and the slots you might can bring other players. It won't help you if we list 10 speccs and non of them is on your payroll.

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    10 man Nefarian is far more tricky than 25 man yes but by no means impossible. The general idéa is:

    - P1 have a lot of CC. Hunters, Druids, Warlocks, Priests, Mages work well here (well the mage has to kite). You will have DPS issues bringing 3 tanks most likely, but you can have 1 tank just tank them all also.
    - P2 you are required to have 3 interrupts. This likely means having your tanks hit-capped for this duty. Note the adds are lvl 85 so you only need 5% hit.
    - P3 you actually don't want to kite the mobs indefinitely. The damage they do is fully healable BUT you want to control the adds so they don't hit the fire. I think a Warrior or Paladin is most optimal for this. You can also have a mage help out in the end frost-nova the adds and have your "kite group" move to the opposite side of the room.

    You want quite a lot of ranged as these in general have best CC for P1 and are the most flexible for P2 (i.e. dps adds or boss).

    Good luck

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    We did this fight with pala tank on nefarian, warrior tank ( me) on onyxia. While hunter and warlock + 2x priest took care of adds in p1 without any kiting. Just shackle undead first two, trap another two and fear one and its done. Our healer setup was:

    Holy priest
    Holy pala
    Resto druid

    And dps setup :
    Ele shaman
    Ele shaman
    Shadow priest
    Destro lock
    Surv hunter

    We've entered the second phase at 72% of nefarian's health, burned down two adds, then both ele shamans and shadow priest switched to healing as their mana is not ending AT ALL, then we asked a hunter and lock to push nef below 70% and anfter crackle and some healing all dps switched to get nef to around 62% and then we killed last add.

    From then on nothing is really going on, its all in your tank hands to not get his mobs get hit by the fire. If he manages to do that then u have a kill. Get two healers run after him everytime u get your raid topped up.

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    thx so far
    guess gonna change my lineup a bit
    melee schaman,retri doesnt seem to be very pewpew here include that the ret doenst get it to kite the adds atleast 10secs-.-

    u write shackle 2 fear one trap 2 thats 5
    arent there more than 5 adds in p1?
    i actualy wasnt watching while have ony in my face und looking retrs hp bar jumping

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    5, but their damage output and movement speed increases greatly over time. That's why you can't kite them without a snare.

    Instead of 5 cc (requires certain lineup) i still recommend kiting them, it's easily done with a mage or frostdk. If you're lucky having a dps kitty just have it switch to bear for that time.

    Enhancer is beautiful, adds healing rain + very decent self cooldown for crackles. Ret is okay, too.. but until 4.0.6 their damage isn't competetive.

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    dont have mage or frost dk hmm guess next id when our wl isnt here i got one mage or dk for our run

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    We have an enhance shaman and he does well. Puts out good DPS and has Sham Rage to use for a great deal of the crackles to reduce his damage taken. If you're really wanting to push as many crackles early as you can (like we did) then go for classes with short CDs and/or absorbs and have the ones that don't stick with a priest in p2. Setup we used (3 crackles in p1, 1 in p2).

    Pillar 1 - Holy Priest, Enh Shaman, Surv Hunter
    Pillar 2 - Holy Paladin, Fire Mage, Mut Rogue
    Pillar 3 - Resto Druid (me), Prot Warrior, Blood DK, Destro Lock.

    We put both tanks on 1 pillar since neither were hit capped, so both always went for the interrupt. Shaman and rogue got theirs, using Sham Rage, Feint, and Cloak of Shadows as often as possible. Our pally was having the most trouble coming out of this phase with mana so we put him and the mage on one pillar so they could Ice Block/Bubble the crackle while the rogue Cloaks it. I could basically ignore the DK as his self heals were more than enough to keep himself alive with nothing but a rejuv, and the destro lock had Nether Ward to help prevent the shadowflame damage. The hunter was the only one not capable of using something to help out with crackles so he got priest bubbles for each one.

    It's a very tough fight on 10 man. I haven't done anything on 25 so I can't compare, but nearly all of the 10m tries I've seen fall apart right near the end and it looks like it's going to be a wipe. If your OT in p3 can last until the last crackle you pretty much have it as long as you have *something* to slow the adds. We used frost novas/shadowfury/howl of terror to give a few more seconds and wound up with 3 people alive at the end (gogo evasion tanking). We were trying to be conservative with crackles, going into p3 at 72% but it was just too long in the phase and we couldn't keep our OT alive that long, so we started pushing a 3rd crackle in p1 and adding one in p2. The 3rd in p1 is tricky. It has to happen just before you kill Ony (within 2-3 seconds) otherwise you won't have time to top people off before p2, and if it's too early Ony will just 1 shot your raid. In p2 we'd get everyone stable then push a crackle, kill the adds, and get Nef to 52% before we pushed to p3. From there, we put our Holy Pally and prot warrior on adds, with the priest helping a bit. I was healing the DK on Nef + the melee DPS. At 30% we popped Lust and raced him down.


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