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Thread: Resilience vs damage avoidance (warrior protection)

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    Resilience vs damage avoidance (warrior protection)

    I really need help in this matter.
    As I stated in other posts Im running prot spec with 4 pieces of PVP set (got it with honor points), chest missing.
    I actually have 2008 resilience.
    My block value is 42%. I actually have the dps elementium crafted chest reforged to dodge and gives me a lot of mastery (great because of the critical block). I also have the elementium PVE crafted Shield with lots of mastery and dodge.
    The issue is; If a change my actual chest for the PVP one I gain 200 resilience but I loose a lot of mastery and with this lots of avoidance. And the same with the shield, If I change it I get more resil but I loose mastery and dodge, and finally avoidance chance.
    Im playing prot as a tank trying to survive the most (only BGs not arenas). Actually Im hard to kill and can take lots of damage (by the way having lots of fun for the first time in PVP)
    What should I do? Go for more resilience and get the full PVP gear? or keep my actual chest and shield, Im also considering to get the elementium crafted tank belt and chest, but the stats are confusing me and I really dont know what to do. As I said before, Im not interested in arenas, just BGs.

    Desperately need the experts advice!!

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    What is more threatening to you as a Protection Warrior in PvP? Things you can block? Or things you can't? Your shield does nothing for you against casters. For that matter, even melee targets are going to try and get behind you making block relatively worthless. I don't see many rogues running up to tanks in PvP and just DPSing them in the face.

    Resilience is a flat damage reduction, from all sources including magic, and regardless of which side they are attacking you from. Block is a damage reduction against melee sources that only attack you from in front.

    As far as mitigation in PvP is concerned, resilience always wins.
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    I second Quin. PvE def stats do next to nothing in PvE. You are most threatened by magical damage in PvP because most melee will not go after the hard targets. Resilience wins any time of the day.

    I find I don't need as much resilience on my def warrior as on my priest. But then again, healers get focussed long hard and dirtily while a def warrior only causes confusion.

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    You want to get full PvP gear, I had full PvP gear through wrath, but always had BiS PvE shield. Prot can be an unstoppable moving death machine if you play right.

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