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Thread: Arms Warrior in 2s Help

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    Arms Warrior in 2s Help

    I'm trying every avenue I can possibly think of. If this post seems like I'm crying I really do apologize. I'm looking for advice and tips in this matter. I run with a boomkin for 2s and honestly we don't do that bad; my biggest problem I guess is that I'm "mediocre" when it comes to arena. My rating is 1443 roughly and I bounce between there and roughly 1470. I cannot for the life of me get any higher. Is it the makeup of our grouping?
    I've tried asking around my server for help but just get the response to "roll with a healer" Is there anything I am missing or that I should be doing in matches as I progress through attempting to get my 1550 achievement? I feel like I've plateaued and just cannot get over this "hump". Any macros or keybindings would be greatly appreciated.


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    I've stated in other posts that I havn't yet begun my arena career, but I do know that a Resto Druid - Arms Warrior combo is a potent combination. I paired up with one for points and we were undefeated despite it being my first arena experience and not even at 3k resilience.

    While Arms warrior dps is perfectly acceptable, the current patch (4.03) Boomkin are a little underpowered compared to their feral counterparts.

    Without seeing your gameplay I would suggest working on
    a) peels
    b) different druid talent spec

    I just took a peak at your gear, seems to be fine for the most part. One question though, what is your hit rating sitting at? You seem to have reforged quite a bit to hit-rating? (I know nub question, but I gotta ask). Secondly, looking at your talent spec you don't seem to have much in terms of snares, no Piercing Howl, no Imp. Hamstring. Both of those, but at least one are extremely important in PvP as movement is king. With the current patch and Drums of War, Piercing Howl is 100% free (getting nerfed 4.06). Improved Hamstring requires a reapplication of hamstring in order to proc the immobilize, and I go back and forth with my preference on it. However, I believe that currently Piercing Howl is necessary, especially considering how easily druids and shamans can kite you without you being able to even LAND a hamstring.

    just my 2cents.

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    Honestly if your sitting at 1450 you probably just need more experience. Arms/boomkin could easily get 1700 as long as you focus and know how to peel.
    Some things to help you get better could be:
    1) Learn to keybind
    2) Watch videos of pro warriors (ex: hoordch, barburas, swifty, ect)
    3) Try not to tunnel
    4) Find a healer comp, pretty much anything except priests are viable right now in 2s.
    5) Read guides and learn how to use macros on Arenajunkies.com

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