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Thread: Rate my Prot warrior, Feedback welcomed!

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    Rate my Prot warrior, Feedback welcomed!

    Also looking to get some information on mastery brake points, thank you in advance for the advise.


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    Well what do you want to hear? I've not as good gear as you have, but my values are somewhat higher than yours, even while I have some more stamina gems at the momet (don't ask, I know it's not optimal). I've an unbuffed total of 24,46% avoidance and 53,87% block on my toon.

    You are doing some weird reforging that I don't get:
    - You do not reforge the hit on your shield to avoidance.
    - You are reforging expertise to crit on your ranged weapon. (Well if you use it both in prot and off spec it would have been better with expertise, since it's at least one of the best threat/dmg stats you could get for both specs. You can reforge other expertise pieces if you have enough of it in your off-setup. But if your main spec is prot, I probably would reforge it to dodge or parry.)
    - You are reforging from parry to hit on your boots.
    - You are not reforging the hit on your second ring.

    - I'm not sure about the math behind it but maybe all stats is better on chest, because it gives you some parry and dodge.

    I would understand why you did some of this, if you were trying to reach hit or expertise caps. Even while I think it's a bad idea. But as you are not doing it I definitly are lost here.

    I also would advice to wear expertise/avoidance trinkets but well maye you just face something where your trinkets are more usefull, or you don't have access to others.

    About your ratings: Parry is much higher than dodge. The difference is quite extreme. Dodge is about 8.4% and and parry is about 14.5%. Kings would up parry ratings even higher than dodge. You have more than double the ratings in parry than you have in Dodge. You are clearly seeing deminishing returns on parry. Sure parry gives some Hold the Line benefit, but you probably have crossed the break even point somewhere. You would get much more avoidance by balancing them a little bit more. 6% difference (or something near 2505 of ratings when you add kings) is probably too much.

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