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Thread: Heroic PVP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinafoi View Post
    Clearly you're not a teacher if you don't know that for some people they can learn from such things. Even if you personally can not.

    Again, this thread is full of fail because it is built on the fact that everyone is the same calibur, everyone is an idiot. This is not the case.
    On the first point i will relate a story from a real teacher.

    My Akido instructor sometimes give's us reading assignments to do before the next class.
    When one student asked "If we can learn all this stuff from books why come to class?"
    My instructor replied. "Reading put's the knowledge here (pointing to his head). Practicing puts the knowledge here ( empasizing his hands).

    The guides, videos, and watching others put's the knowledge in your head. Runing the instances put's the knowledge in your fingers making the actions automatic, without thought, so you can focus on helping others that might not be so "gifted", or experienced.

    On the second point:

    No I don't think everyone is an idiot but trying to find a way to lift those "slobbering idiots" to mediocer.
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    The issue is that you're basing your entire argument on a silly, sweeping generalization that is counter-productive at best.

    If you want to say, "I don't like bad players in my groups." then fine. But stop bringing up PvP over and over again as the keystone of your argument.

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    WTB thread closed.
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