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Thread: General help with Druid

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    General help with Druid

    I recently started playing again and would like to raid again. But I'm having a hard time with stuff like the tanking rotation and enchants and gems. If you can offer any advice that would be great.
    Here is my character.

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    I've only briefly looked over your profile, but some gut reactions and general rules of thumb:

    1. Replace your pvp gear ASAP. Using a piece or two of pvp gear to bridge a gap is one thing, but tanking in pvp gear you'll eat WAY too much damage since you can't reforge resil to dodge.

    2. Gem and enchant agility, using purpe/green/orange gems to pick up agi/mastery socket bonuses and activate your Austere Shadowspirit Diamond meta.

    3. Haste > Hit > Expertise > Crit > Mastery (in that order) should be reforged to dodge.

    4. Single Target Rotation: open with FFF, feral charge (if you're spec'd into stampede) and mangle, after which time you should keep mangle on CD while lacerating and pummeling every 3rd lacerate stack.

    5. AOE Tanking Rotation: Swipe/thrash on CD while tabbing mangle and lacerate to maximize threat on all targets.

    4/5a. Berserk does WONDERS in situations where you're struggling to keep threat, particularly AOE situations. Druids still struggle with add/aoe tanking though due to threat problems early in a fight and the fact that thrash/swipe are relatively underpowered in comparison to other classes' aoe threat generators.

    6. For a complete bear guide with gems, enchants, rotations and a pre-raid BiS list, check out Reesi's thread (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1126995943) on the official class forum.

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    Ok thanks so much

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