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Thread: Paladin looking for a check-up.

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    Paladin looking for a check-up.

    I'd just like to have a check up from fellow thanks to make sure I haven't missed anything important.

    Here's my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...nkiie/advanced

    Really need the trinket from last boss in Stonecore. I have the Heart of Thunder laying in my bags, but not a huge fan. Also trying to get Tia's Grace as I've heard good things about it. And trying to grind up Baradin's Wardens rep for the Mastery/Resistance trinket there.

    Next valor item would probably be chest in my opinion, although the ring is a good upgrade too. Either way, it'll be a little while till I can get it.

    EDIT: Should probably mention that my guild is currently 9/12, so not starting heroics quite yet, but probably not that far away either.
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    Looks pretty solid to me. I would rather reforge expertise or hit for deff stats and not reforge dodge to mastery but that's only a little.

    Glyph of focused shield is very situational, read: I would only use it for fights were I tank a boss and only a boss.

    If the windwalk enchant is an option for you could trade the two runspeed points in for 12% seal damage. This will maybe become really interesting if SoT proccs from every single target attack with the next patch.

    For your planed purchase: Go for the chest if you can obtain a token for the 4pc bonus. If that doesn't happen you can obtain a crafted epic chest and another pretty upgrade for maximum effectiveness or just get the chest anyway because it's a really nice piece of equip.


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    Thank you for the reply.

    The reforged dogde->mastery is a piece with only parry and dogde, and I was under the impression point by point, mastery is better.

    I will probably wait and see if I can get my hand on the maloriak mace, as I'm raiding with a feral druid or blood dk as my partner, so if it drops I will definately get it.

    I hadn't considered what the change to seal of truth would mean for us, but I will be looking forward to looking at the numbers for the damage increase it will get.

    I found the crafted chest to be pretty rubish to be honest. No sockets and no mastery. Although if I remember correctly, it will get a socket in the next patch? That might make it worth it, but I still think the set chest is superior?

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    Re: Paladin looking for a check-up.

    If you're talking about the Elementium Deathplate, it has quite a bit of mastery. And yes it will be getting a socket, assuming they don't change their minds on that.

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