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    Hey Guys i am at the moment wearing Sly Fox Jerkin which is ilvl 333 now i have had no lucks in getting a 346 chest with mastery drop at all , now i was wondering i have crafted Assassin chestpeice would this be worth wearing for a druid tank ?

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    Morrie's Waywalker Wrap (epic world drop) is better in the end for bears because of its two sockets and +crit instead of hit, but Assassin's Chestplate comes in a close second and is due to get a socket of its own (albeit at the expense of 20 primary and 20 secondary stat points) in the 4.0.6 patch.

    If I had it to do over again I would've saved the 7k I spent on the assassin's chest and dropped 12-14k on Morrie's instead, but that's only because I'm a min/maxer at heart. If you don't have the extra gold to blow or aren't worried about having BiS across the board, assassin's is an excellent piece that will serve you well into raid content.
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    Is a 359 epic better than a 333 rare? Yes.

    Regardless of the specifics in the secondary stats, since you gain more of your primary stats, it is better. What largely defines the difference between druid DPS gear and druid tanking gear is your reforging and gemming. You will actually get Dodge if it's a tanking piece as your reforge since no leather pieces have dodge to begin with. The raw agility and stamina increase though makes it a better tanking piece than a 333 rare regardless. Is it the ideal piece, no. But is it better than a 333, absolutely.
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