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Thread: I need help reforging my stuff, and gear stuff.... plz help!

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    I need help reforging my stuff, and gear stuff.... plz help!

    My character name's is Oyusaman. She's a Ilevel 333 tank, but I don't know what I should gtet for her gear. I don't knwow that I'm doing wrong... Can someone plz tell me what I should be reforging, and whatever else that I would need to do plz..
    Here is my character page.

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    Ok just looking at you gear most of it is wrong. Any gear with intel on it need to be swapped out asap. I know agi will up your dodge but still, as a pally tank and str dodge ring will do you loads better. As for reforging pally's love mastery. I know there's a certain percentage of parry and dodge you want to shoot for, you can find that on elitist jerks or maintankadain. And for the gear that does has str on needs to have dodge, or parry on it. the crit/haste/expertise gear you got on most of your gear is usless for you now. threat is nice but as a tank your job is to survive not hold threat at this point in the expansion. Early on i was tanking with less then 1% hit and expertise and doing just fine. Now saying that, don't shy away from hit and expertise, but defiently do hunt down gear just yet that has it. I didn't look at your spec as i don't play a prot pally, just a feral, but believe me, it's defiently a lot of your gear failing you at the moment.

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    Helm: bad. That's a PvP/DPS helm and has no place in a tanking set (DPS piece with Mastery on are more excusable, since Mastery is such a strong stat for us)
    Neck: bad. That's a caster DPS neck and has no place in a tanking set.
    Shoulders: bad. See helm.
    Cloak: good. Doesn't need reforging as it's well itemised already. Could use a +250 armour enchant, though.
    Chest: good. Reforge Parry to Mastery. Put a leatherworking stamina kit on there at least.
    Bracers: ok. Reforge Hit to Dodge. Gem and enchant.
    Axe: pretty bad. A strength 1Her would be more usually used, as an Agility DPS weapon isn't optimum. Still, at least you get some avoidance from it.
    Shield: excellent. It's BiS, so maybe you could stretch for a very cheap Blocking enchant on it?
    Relic: good. You don't have to put a prismatic gem in a prismatic socket, you know.
    Gloves: good. Doesn't need reforging as it's well itemised already. Could use a +50 Mastery enchant.
    Belt: bad. See helm.
    Legs: bad. See helm.
    Boots: good. Reforge either Hit or Dodge to Mastery; I'd choose Hit because I don't value threat stats, but this one is your call.
    First ring: not great.
    Second ring: good.
    Trinkets: fine.


    You want an item which is Strength/Stamina/Avoidance/Mastery. Strength/Stamina/Avoidance/Avoidance, is fine, and so is Strength/Stamina/Hit or Expertise/Mastery. Intellect should not be on your gear. Resilience gear is bad for tanking. Agility gear is - with a few expections - not good for you. Gem your gear. Enchant your gear.

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    Resilience does not do anything anymore in PVE. So it's a waste of ratings in the first place, that cannot even reforged to anything worth in PVE. So even if the PVP items have a higher ilvl they have a much lower ilvl for PVE than comparable PVE items, because a good part of the itemization is not usefull at all.

    There is only one thing that is good on PVP items, that's the high amout of Stamina. Howeve, stamina is quite less sought after in Cata than it was in Wrath. Many top tier tanks even don't gem for stamina, anymore.

    What you should do is, do non-heroics or your quests and get some lvl333 (or even lvl346 from factions) items with tanking related stats. As Lumines said that are items with Dodge, Parry, Mastery and maybe one of Hit or Expertise. You don't go for hit and expertise, but they are at least somehow usefull while tanking. However both are pure threat stats and you should not focus on threat. You have a much bigger problem with your survivability or - more explicite - with your healability. Since we got Vengeance it does more or less all we need to hold threat a few second into the encounter.

    You can rank your items in the following order:
    1. Items with mastery + dodge/parry
    2a. Items with dodge + parry
    2b. Items with mastery + hit/expertise
    3. Items with mastery + something else
    4. Items with dodge/parry + hit/expertise
    5. other items

    Your problem at the moment is that too many items of your gear are from category 5. At the moment you are more or less solely interested in how much points you can get for mastery, dodge and parry. Sure, items with a much higher item lvl are probably better at some point, anyway, but a lvl 333 item with mastery + dodge/parry is better than a lvl346 item with haste and crit and it is definitly better than a lvl339 PVP item.

    Ok now if you have such gear how should you treat it?
    Your goal is to get as much mastery as you can get, because it gives you the most for each point, at the moment. After that try to get as much dodge and parry. Since both have the same diminishing returns for additional points you do this, by keeping them as close together as you can get them.

    So your reforging should be:
    - if the piece is of category 5, reforge the one with the higher value to mastery
    - if the piece is of category 4, reforge hit/expertise to mastery
    - if the piece is of category 3, reforge something else to dodge/parry*
    - if the piece is of category 2b, reforge hit/expertise to dodge/parry*
    - if the piece is of category 2a, reforge dodge/parry* to mastery
    - items of category 1 don't need any reforging while you are gearing up

    * chose the value that is lower on your character sheet
    ** chose the value that is higher on your character sheet

    Enchants should not be hard to decide at, so I skip them. Next point are gems. There are 4 possible ways to go with them:
    - focus on mastery with getting every socket bonus (blue: mastery/stam, yellow: mastery, red: mastery/parry)
    - focus on stamina with getting every socket bonus (blue: stamina, yellow: mastery/stamina, red: stamina/parry)
    - pure mastery in every slot (and all you need to activate your meta)
    - pure stam in every slot (and all you need to activate your meta)

    I would recoment the get the socket bonusses, because your goal is to maximize your ratings and you just get more doing so. But you may want to neglect some of them if you think you need more pure gems to survive. Go for mastery if you die because your healer has problems to heal you up, either because she goes oom, or because she is not able to follow most of your hits with an appropriate heal. Go only for stamina if you die because you cannot take 2-4 hits that could not be avoided by following the right encounter-strategy. Since we have so much stamina anyway, I don't know where you would run in the problems of the last kind.

    The big problem in Cata is healing and healer mana. It really does count now. So the job of the tank is not to take as much dmg as possible, but to help them to pop you up again as easily as possible. You do this by smoothing your dmg income so it gets more predictable and less spiky. That's block with some parry/dodge in between.

    Some random comments:
    - Parry haste is gone, so expertise does not help you survive, it's a pure threat stat now.
    - If you have threat problems at the beginning of a fight, just use your taunts, don't try to prevent this by gearing for hit/expertise/threat at all.
    - Use your Holy Power for self healing regularly.
    - Use your CDs regularly, they have a low CD, don't die with none of them invoked. Ever.

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