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Thread: Druid tanking trinkets

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    Druid tanking trinkets

    Wondering for a druid what combination of trinkets would provide the best tps. Our druid tank has Prestor's Talisman,Darmoon Card: Hurricane, Essence of the Cyclone, and Unheeded Warning. (Not sure how to link them...)

    I was thinking that the Essence trinket's crit would be good for SD, but wasn't sure if haste, white damage buff, or static nature damage would be the best for tps. I tried running them through a druid spreadsheet but it didn't account tps from procs. Also wondering what kind of up-time the trinkets had. Any help?
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    Given the ungodly amounts of threat tanks can have now, why are you looking for more threat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selene View Post
    Given the ungodly amounts of threat tanks can have now, why are you looking for more threat?

    In our raids I usually have about 150% threat on the #2 person on the meters. If your tank's having threat issues in more than about ilvl346 gear, he's doing something wrong. He's either poorly spec'd, incorrectly gemmed, or he's using the wrong rotation/prioritization.

    I use (and it seems to be fairly standard among feral tanks) a 0/32/9 spec, eschewing the dps/cat talents while picking up the mitigation/bear ones.

    He should be gemming and enchanting agility, using purpe/green/orange gems to pick up agi/mastery socket bonuses and activate his Austere Shadowspirit Diamond meta.

    Haste > Hit > Expertise > Crit > Mastery (in that order) should be reforged to dodge.

    For max threat he should open with FFF, feral charge (if he's spec'd into stampede) and mangle, after which time he should keep mangle on CD while lacerating and pummeling every 3rd lacerate stack.

    For AOE threat he should swipe/thrash on CD while tabbing mangle and lacerate to maximize threat on all targets.

    Berserk also does WONDERS in situations where you're struggling to keep threat, particularly AOE situations.

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