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Thread: Heroic Halfus - 25 man Help [WoL Included]

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    Heroic Halfus - 25 man Help [WoL Included]

    Hi there,

    Just looking for some advice on heroic Halfus, our current strategy or something is not working out.

    Here is the WoL:

    What strategy would you recommend for this? We've tried so many but none seem to work, usually resulting in a tank death. We three-tanked tonight and got to 50% with everyone up, all of the tanks died pretty much immediately during furious roar (Barrier was up, as well as some CDs).

    We had three smite priests, two holy paladins, three resto shamans and a resto druid.

    Any tips? Anything you see in the logs that can be improved?

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    Kill more drakes before 50% and use 1 more tank. 1 for boss (and swap them gear wise), one for each right dragons and one for Nether.
    The more stuff you have alive after roar, the bigger chance the add tanks will die being stunned with no healing.

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    We use 5 tanks, and kill Storm Rider and the little dragons before 50%. We tryed with 4 but resulted in more tank deaths. 3 on drakes, 2 taunting Halfus and helping with random tank deaths.

    We use a heavy CD rotation on the 4 first Furious Roar (usually there isn't a 5th or the boss is almost dead anyway).

    Something like this:

    1st Furious Roar: 3 HOP on 3 Discipline, Barrier on tanks.
    2nd Furious Roar: Healadins use Divine Shield, Barrier on tanks, good use of Lay of Hands.
    3rd Furious Roar: Barrier on tanks, tanks use ALL tanking CD.
    4rd Furious Roar: 2 HOP on 2 Healers, Pala Retri uses Divine Shield, uses his Lay of Hands, pain supression on 3 drake tanks.

    We use 5 Palas tought (3 heal, 1 tank, 1 retri).
    Follow the Moeko Principle.

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    If I was leading your raid, here are the changes I would make.

    Drop a healer - probably a resto shaman. Add a tank. Even a guy in heroic blues will work fine as an offtank; have one of your dps do it. I'd suggest Nairobie if you can manage it; he'll do as much damage tanking as dpsing. Put him and whichever other tank has the worst gear on Halfus. Whichever one of them is not tanking Halfus will be on the drake you aren't killing. Put Torick on the whelps and the drake you kill first and put Liaene on Time Warden (and then the fourth drake, which he can pull once his target dies).

    You have your two holy paladins healing the same guy and one shaman healing another tank, so this needs work. In my raid, I make sure each tank has a dedicated healer assigned to him; they still get to aoe heal but that way if two tanks dip, your healers aren't all scrambling to heal the same guy. Have the shaman you trust most healing Torick, and have one paladin put their beacon on him while healing Liaene. Ancestral Fortitude is a really big deal here; chain heals off their tank target should be sufficient for the most part. Put the other shaman on a Halfus tank with a druid putting hots on him. Have your second paladin heal the other Halfus tank with his beacon on Liaene.

    As far as the stun, the suggestions given here are not bad, but I'd suggest something slightly different. Set up a barrier rotation from your disc priests over the tanks for the stuns. Have one paladin bubble right before the first stun and one of the tanks aoe taunt and pop all their cds (should also be able to get a priest cd). This paladin should be able to keep that guy up alone through the stun. Next stun, same thing with a different tank and different paladin. Next stun, use bop on one of your resto shamans, and so forth. We found it was a lot easier to manage keeping the tanks up if all the adds were on one tank during the stun. Then, even if you do lose one, you have enough tanks to manage through to the end.

    I wouldn't kill any more than the two drakes and the whelps. Halfus should be hitting 60-55% by the time the second drake is dead just from the aoe, your two interrupters, and the disc priests. I would also suggest using heroism much earlier; no point in wasting it during the stun and you want to get the first drake down as soon as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinaye View Post
    We found it was a lot easier to manage keeping the tanks up if all the adds were on one tank during the stun.

    As I am at work and tight on time at the moment I can't offer a real guide, but you can have a look at how it is played in a video from my guild.

    A paladin tank is optimal in that situation if you only have two drakes left, because of the two taunts which can be easily macroed and the three damage % reducing CDs. Painsup and raidbubble with a CD contribution from the tank himself should make it a breeze to keep the pally up for the six seconds as the first seconds the drakes should be flying to the tank and not already hitting him. Let the normal tanks taunt immediately back after the stun and use the flight time to top them off. This produces a time window of nearly 20 seconds to top the stun - soak tank.

    If the stun soak tank is really a pally he can easily survive one more stun with his own bubble after the first few hits. The flight time of the drakes should be enough to let the other tanks live. The fifth stun will normally be my death if it occurs but that's enrage time anyway, so who cares? ;-)

    @Tankspot crew: Would a real guide to that tactic be desirable and published if I would produce one?

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    The way that our healers prefer are as follows.

    Release Time, Storm, and Nether on pull, when tiem hits 30% release whelps, with hunters Multi shot MDing them to one of the two Halfus tanks. Seconds before the second furious a hunter releases slate and MDs to the Halfus tank currently free.

    We burn the Warden then all AoE class burn whelps, by the time the whelps die he is at appx 55%, at 51% first priest barriers the tanks and tanks with Nether and Storm pop a minor CD. I call 5 seconds before next roar, which is where the slate is released and the next barrier hits tanks pop their major CD. 3rd roar I pop my raid wall and we couple this with armor pots, HoS and if we have it a barrier and tanks minor CDs, whomever is tanking the slate pops all their CDs(as they will have the MS as well). We hit a 4th roar once and lost 2 tanks but let them kill some dps as he was at 2%.

    The way we tank it is as follows
    Myself(best geared tank) and a warrior(worst geared) tank Halfus and the TW, we swap at 5 stacks and the warrior rotates has shield block up every time he taunts TW, if he gets low he uses a CD. Our Dk and other Prot warrior tank Nether and Storm the entire fight(both very well geared slightly less than myself). The whelps are all MD to myself, we 7 heal it with 3 disc priests(1 is a shadow OS) 2 holy paladins, a resto druid and resto shaman.


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