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Thread: Guidance needed...

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    Guidance needed...

    I am a new Holy Paladin - I have always played the role of dps (tanked as a warrior for a few years), and need some help with which heroics I am geared to run: Last night I tried to heal through the first pull of hero Stonecore and failed utterably (I will take most of the blame, even though the group insisted on pulling without much attention to crowd control / interrupts, etc.).

    Can someone please tell me a rough 'order of dungeons,' if you will, to attempt in order to finish out gearing my little pally dwarf?

    Thank for any help/advice you might offer!

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    Did you guys get one of the guys who does the big spinny AoE? That needs to be stunned/interrupted, you can run up there with HoJ but ultimately one of your DPS or your tank should be taking care of it. It's extremely difficult to heal through that, I'd say near impossible.

    Next time you get a group that refuses CC, remind them that you're a fresh 85 and that you may not have the firepower to heal the tank through 5+ mobs beating on him. A few courteous but firm requests usually gets the idea into their heads.

    You have several unenchanted pieces, and of course that trinket does nothing for you. No use equipping a trinket if it has no mana whatsoever, especially since the spellpower proc is worthless to you too. You're also missing a prime glyph (Holy Shock looks to be the only useful one left).

    If you haven't done the Harrison Jones questline yet, I'd do it to grab http://www.wowhead.com/item=65804. Nice intellect, even if the proc doesn't do much for ya.

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