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Thread: Think I'm doing it wrong...

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    Think I'm doing it wrong...

    I came back like 3 weeks to a month ago and when I returned, most warriors on the server said gem for STA...So, being the good listener, I did.

    This is obviously wrong...Okay.

    I've read many guides on why Mastery > parry > dodge and I get it but, are there any areas where I could be doing it better?

    Armory link: Monstrous

    TY for any advice, much appreciated.

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    I see some odd gemming (15 dodge 23 sta on a purple?) and more sta gems than I'd prefer. I would work on exchanging some of your parry for dodge to try to get those numbers closer to each other via reforging. Look at making mastery your primary stat when making gem choices. You are also missing several faction purples that are easy to get.

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    I'd switch all of your gems to something with mastery.

    Blue socket = mastery/stam
    red socket = mastery/parry
    yellow socket = mastery.

    Reforge everything you can to mastery.
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