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Thread: Soul Blade viable tanking weaping

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    Yeah, I can see the argument for it being useful if you do a lot of interrupting, particularly I guess if you're a 10 man tank.

    For myself, tanking 25 mans, I'd rather the Maloriak weapon still, and I can see no real reason to take a BoE Soul Blade over putting it to more general guild benefit.

    It's largely down to what is available to you, and what you're planning on tanking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gacktt View Post
    interrupt duty is to be expected if you're on 10man. Also wouldn't mendings healing threat be stronger than landslides damage (even half threat heals register for more).
    If mending proc'd more then yes it would, however from my testing in 2 weeks of raiding while I was waiting for a chanter to get windwalk on the server, I was seeing something like 1.5 ppm on mending. Also I was more focused on the dps, threat really shouldnt be an issue with vengeance. Clearly if you can't get to 5% hit with your current gear and a few reforging's then yes weapon chain is the better choice, however even with every bit of hit I have reforged i sit at just under 4% all it takes is undoing the reforge on 2 peices for me when I had to interrupt adds on nef 2 weeks ago when half our melee was out that night.

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