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Thread: Magmaw Group makeup strategy [Help]

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    Magmaw Group makeup strategy [Help]

    Just trying to think for a viable strategy for our group makeup. At current we are rolling

    Prot Paladin (MT)
    Prot Warrior (OT)

    Range DPS
    Elemental Shaman
    Fire Mage (OS frost)
    Demo Lock (OS Affliction)

    Melee DPS
    Assassination Rogue (Myself)
    Arms Warrior

    Holy Paladin
    Disc/Holy Priest
    Resto Shaman (sometimes swaps out for Resto Druid)

    Note: We may be swapping our OT with a Feral Druid (OS Balance)

    We found that we were having quite a bit of trouble downing the adds when we attempted Magmaw. We would down one group and then Pillar would spawn right after so there wouldn't be much DPS on Magmaw at all as the Range dps were having to deal with the adds for most of the encounter. We spent 2 nights wiping on Magmaw and have moved onto TotFW & BoT which we are currently 2/12 and working on Theralion and Valiona.

    How would we work around the issue of the Parasites in the Magmaw encounter? Get an OT to tank the adds or what? just trying to figure out what strategy would be best for our raid setup as we would like to move onto Blackwing Descent after downing Theralion and Valiona. Magmaw would be easier than the Ascendant Council yeah?
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    Some people use a warrior/DK solo or kite strat on the adds. Some people just have ranged kill the adds. Your rogue can definitely help with the adds using tricks + fan of knives, they will not infect you unless you pull aggro. Your arms warrior could probably help too but he has to be much more careful.

    We usually have a hunter, mage, and warlock taking out the adds and they get em no problem as long as they are all slowed beforehand.

    In heroic we are probably gonna have a DK kite and solo them with howling blast since he can have a very large number of them chasing him and not nee

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    You do not need two tanks for this fight; have on of your tanks go DPS. This works even more awesome if your OT is a druid with a balance OS as ours is, but it should help your DPS on the boss.

    The ranged do pretty much spend all their time on adds; that's just kind of how this fight us. But make sure to save all DPS cooldowns for the phase where Magmaw's head is pinned to the ground; this is the time to pop hero and go balls-to-the-walls as the boss takes extra damage during this phase and there's very little running around and stupid mechanics to deal with for a minute. It's also good healer mana-regen time ^^

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    If you only use one tank, how do you avoid the armor debuff that is put on the tank that gets mangled?

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    Prot Pally tanks Magmaw, Rotates Tank/Healer CDs. Always have a CD when you get eaten ALWAYS. Prot Warrior tanks the adds easy, Rend, Tclap, Shockwave, Demolock assists in downing. During transition 1-2 adds probably will spawn from the Prot Warrior, Have the ranged mega burn them down then destroy Magmaw.

    You can't avoid the Armor Debuff, but if your healers are decent then it's NP.

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    I was also thinking that if the Lock was to go Destro for this fight then have the druid tank come along as balance for tidal wave, Elemental shaman spec into Earth's Graps (Roots enemys when earthbind totem is down) Have me tricking lets say the Mage and spamming Fan of Knives with Crippling.

    Now we would have the shaman stand at range and lay earth bind totem down when Pillar spawns (the rest of the DPS will be in melee range of Magmaw). Get the Destro lock to Shadowfury. I run in and fan of knives and trick to the mage. If they get close then the druid can Typoon by that time they should be down right?

    Also have Shaman's Thunder Storm and Ring of Frost from the mage if needed but that would be absolute last measure kind of stuff.
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    The armour debuff isn't really an issue.

    Either OT the adds continuously throughout the fight or DPS them down. Binding totem should be enough to slow them.

    You do the majority of your boss damage when he's impaled so don't worry to much about spending the 1st part of the fight dealing with adds.


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