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Thread: Strength Conversion to Parry

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    Strength Conversion to Parry

    I was just curious about how much Strength converted to parry, and the possible viability of the Hellscream's Reach trinket Impatience of Youth? To clarify, it has 321 mastery and an on use of 1605 Str lasting 20 secs, with a 2 min CD.
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    1 str = 0.25 parry rating

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    Your better off with the agility one. With kings or mark it takes ~673 strength to get 1% parry but only ~410 agility to get 1% dodge. You get a ton of AP with the str trinket, but you'll get almost 7% crit from the agility cooldown as well.

    Their are plenty of better options for tanking trinkets unless your bored and swimming in commendations

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