Irnub is an extremely tight-knit 10-man horde guild composed of highly skilled, vastly experienced, and fun-loving players. We are currently 1/13HM on a 3 day/week schedule. We are currently recruiting an exceptional Hunter to replace our good friend who had to leave the game for athletic endeavors.

Why Join irnub?
Consistently TOP 100 US 10 Man - Currently 1/13 HM and 12/12 Normal.
We parse on a globally competitive level.
Bleeding edge progression on a 3 day schedule.
13 person roster, there are no "bench warmers".
Your voice matters in important decisions.
Relaxed, drama-free, team-oriented environment.

When do we raid?
Tuesdays, 8pm-12am EST
Wednesdays, 8pm-12am EST
Thursdays, 8pm-12am EST
No raiding on major holidays, hooray!

What about loot?
Due to changes in gear and implementation of specialization, we easily manage loot distribution with need/greed rolls while taking into consideration who the item is the biggest upgrade for.

Questions or concerns before you apply?
Feel free to contact any of our members in-game in <irnub> on the Bleeding Hollow US server. If you'd rather email, shoot us a message at and we will promptly respond to any questions you may have.

Apply Here: