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Thread: Tempted to kill them all

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    Tempted to kill them all

    For over six months now, I have been nice.

    I have tried to be understanding of my guildmember's problems, supportive of their varying schedules, generous with guild funds for gear and repairs.

    What has it gotten me? A guild that blatantly ignores what I tell them to do, officers that disrespect me publically, one officer who tries to mutiny behind my back, and a bunch of sexist bull****.

    I'm about to come down hard on my guild tomorrow night. Can I get advice from any of you who have had to come down like a hammer on your guild? I know to expect a bunch of /gquits and people yelling at me, or openly trying to sabotage the guild. What would you do, what should I expect?

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    You can either start the conversation with a /gkick to the officer or /gkick when someone says something you don't like. Or you can /gdisband and take off. Been through it with people, and honestly you pay just like everyone else, you should get to have fun as well. If people want to be jerks, you don't have to put up with it.
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    I'm not going to /gdisband. I've put a lot of work into this guild, and a large portion of the members are simply lacking direction, because the officers are telling them different things at different times.

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    No offence to Mellvar but simply starting what sounds to be a bad conversation by simply kicking ppl doesn't sound very "guild building'ish". Personally if it was me, i'd sit down and write down exactly where i want the guild to be heading. Set out some rules, guides, expectations ... the hole nine yards and post it on your website.

    I'd then put a guild mandatory meeting in your message of the day and tell everyone to block off a 1/2 .. hour ... how ever long you think the meeting may run. If people ask what the meeting is about, i'd tell them its about the future of the guild. When the meeting starts, i'd tell everyone to take 10 mins go 2 the website and read your starter plan and that "we" as a guild are going to refine it.

    Once the guild has a "defined" direction, i'd kindly ask those who don't "belong" in your guild anymore to kindly leave. I think this approach has a team building aspec 2 it where as ... just simply kicking ppl has the i don't like you/screw off feeling to it. \

    I'd also make it a point that those who don't show at the meeting ... its still their responsiblity to know what happen. They still need to go to the website and read the guild guidelines and know what is expected of them.

    that is what i'd do.

    if this has alrdy been done. I'd just make it a officer mandatory meeting and tell them to stop fucking around or your out. The guilds game plan is out so everyone knows exactly what is expected of them so it should be any suprise to them.

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    I would remove/demote the officers and let the guild know why. If the officers haven't gotten on board with your plan in six months, they never will. It's a strong statement to make and you might have some of them rage quit, but it needs to be done. I hope you have rules set up and posted for members to see. Open defiance is intolerable.

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    One thing to keep in mind: Your actions during the most difficult and trying of times are a reflection of you as a leader. People will *always* remember the one negative thing you did over the fifty kindnesses.

    That said, when I started my guild it was with three old friends who convinced me to come back after a 6-month break. This was in September. It is now the end of January. One has stepped down because he realized he was causing more problems than he could ever mend. One left after I told him that the rules apply to everyone equally, be it officer or member. The last one was kicked because he was causing drama to try and get his way.

    Being the GM, it's your responsibility to put your guildies first. Your officers are there to make your job easier. If they don't do this, then it's time to tell them to get on board or you'll find someone to replace them who will, but always try to do it in the most tactful way possible. I'm very blunt by nature, but being a GM again has forced me to be diplomatic and bite my tongue more often than I care to admit I've had to. Also keep in mind not everything will go the way you planned, so you need to be willing to roll with the punches.

    Still, outright mutiny, public disrespect ... these are things you should not suffer. Don't be afraid to make an example, but always keep a cool head. Just ensure your every action is one that YOU are proud of, and never act in anger.

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    If you've clearly stated the direction you want the guild to go, then reinforce that and tell people to get on board or get lost. There's nothing more destructive to a guild than the whole underground whining and complaining that goes on amongst members, especially when an officer is the catalyst for it. That officer, or those officers if its more than one need to go immediately, even if it means losing some other members, sometimes its the only thing you can do to make the guild what you want it to be. Cut the dead branches so new ones can grow.

    Make an insightful well articulated message about the direction you want the guild to go, tell people its how its going to be, and if anyone disagrees show them the door. Its a game, and your guild, and while you can't decide how other people play the game, you 'can' decide how your guild is run.

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