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Thread: pvp/pve gear tanking

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    pvp/pve gear tanking

    Ok so I began gearing up for heroics and so I decided to easiest roll was mostly pvp gear as I remember mostly it wasn't bad and seemed an easier way to go for ilvl agi stam reforge haste to dodge etcetera etcetera yet people tell me no you can't tank in pvp gear no no no must be pve gear agreed however, i've now tanked 3 heroics fine and yet people still have the nerve to tell me you can't do it. So do people still have this confusing mindset that "pvp gear is pvp gear and therefore cannot be used as pve gear" or is it just me I have the other mindset "use what you can until you find a better item and besides you can reforge it and if it works what the hell is your problem ?"

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    If it's the decision between greens, 333 questitems and some 346 heroic drops vs fully gemmed and enchanted 365 purple pvp gear i'd go with pvp, too. But comparing full heroic blues to 352 pvp stuff you'll only get some more agi/stam and lose a truckload of useful stats (considering you get x/mastery or x/crit and reforge x to dodge).

    Some of our players also wear one pvp item or two while raiding just because heroic drops won't fly by (especially cloth and leather bracers/shoulders).

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    I think you need to remember that you are wasting a ton of itemisation on resiliance.

    The thing is: You likely are only looking at agi/stam/armor for you itemisation if you are considering PVP gear, and you won't find an upgrade based on that in heroics, but you would based on other stats.

    You can get away with it, but it doesn't mean it's the right way to do it.
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