We are in need of some classes to keep progressing through 25man HC.

Our progress can be seen here: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/...ting.tier11_25

What we want from you

You need to be able to raid atleast 5 days per week especially during progress from 19:00- 24:00 Gametime.
Always be prepared for the raid aka be aware of tactics fully gemmed/enchanted/flasks/food buffs
Skill. You must know your class inside out
You MUST have a mic and be able to use it when/if its needed

What we can offer you

-Stability, Security is without a doubt one of the oldest guilds in Europe. We have had our share of bad times however with an unbreakable core of members and officers we are in no danger of ending our legacy anytime soon.

-Consistent and balanced raid times. Security is one of the only guild who refuse to daytime raid to improve rank or avoid lag. If you have a job, or school you can rest safely, we will not demand that you cut them in raid. In this respect, you will find that whether you have a full time job or are currently unemployed, you will have equality.

-Fun. We have a large ventrilo server that almost always has people on. Whether you play other games or simply want to socialize, you will find what you want. In addition we run alt groups during the weekend and have tons of fun as a guild.

We're always recruiting exceptional players

Classes that are on high seek

Deathknights : All specs
Paladins : Holy/ret
Priests : All specs
Druids : Balance/Resto
Shamans : All specs

You can throw an apply here: http://security-gaming.com/

For any additional information contact any of the officers in-game or via a private msg on forum