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Thread: DK tanking at level 62 ?

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    DK tanking at level 62 ?

    From what I've read so far (here and elsewhere), Rune Strike seems to be the go-to threat generator. This isn't available to a level 62 DK (neither is Outbreak or Dancing Rune Weapon, for that matter), yet all of the rotation/priority information I can find seem to mention these as primary/core/essential components in DK tanking.

    Without Rune Strike, what's my top threat generator initially? Icy Touch?

    Without Rune Strike to snap threat/agro, and without Outbreak, I need to spend 2 GCD's to disease the mob(s)? Wont DPS be pulling long before I get holding threat levels?

    I read the guide at http://pwnwear.com/forum/death-knigh...uide-t711.html but as the Title says, it's written with level 85 in mind and I'm having trouble translating/adapting some of what's written so that it's applicable at level 62 but without much success.

    My only previous tanking experience was on a Pally, and it was only up to level 45 or so before I switched to DK. Up to that level, I found Pally tanking fun and was quite good at it despite my prior lack of tanking experience of any kind.

    I think I'll be fine as a DK tank if I can just get my head around some of these nagging questions. So far, I've followed the cookie-cutter Blood talents & Glyphs but I'm running 5-mans in Frost presence as DPS. I'm not the kind of person to just go do it and learn from my lumps; I want to know/understand before I go in

    I guess I'm just a bit lost on the mechanics / priority / rotation that will generate enough threat, quickly enough to hold the mobs before DPS unloads, and without having Rune Strike, needing 2 GCD's to apply diseases, etc.

    Is Blood Presence enough to take care of initial threat generation at level 62? Or is 62 too early for viable DK tanking?

    Or am I just overthinking this whole thing?

    Thanks in advance

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    I can't say for sure since I only started tanking at 80, but I guess you are overthinking this. My first question, have you tried tanking yet? It's the best way to find out if you generate more threat than the dps or not...

    Take into account that the dps also don't have their top abilities yet. I think you will be find. Choose a tank build, use Blood prescence and try some instances.

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    Hey there.

    I'd say you're over thinking the whole thing. If you're too stressed about getting all your disease applying down, just don't worry about it for now. You can pull with Icy Touch and very easily hold agro with Heartstrike / Bloodboil. From there you can just tab target your Unholy/Frost runes. If you're worried you can throw down a Death and Decay, though most of the time you'll find that you don't even need it.

    Once you get some practice in, you'll find you'll be able to squeeze in a Plague Strike after your initial Icy Touch pull.

    But yeah just get into it, You'll pick it up quickly.

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    Thanks for your replies. I did finally just jump into it last night and it seems you're right: I was overthinking things. Although I was uncomfortable a lot of the time because it seemed like I was waiting for runes to regenerate, things went very well. 3 runs with 1 group, then 5 runs with a 2nd group. No agro problems, no wipes, no deaths. Yay, I'm tankin'! LOL!

    Thanks again for your replies

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    At that level for single target fights you can pretty much just pull with icy touch and then bash away as if you were playing as DPS. Blood Presence helps with threat. If there are 3 or more mobs and the DPS can't wait to AoE it can get a little more tricky, but you should do ok by pulling with icy touch, throwing down DnD while they are running at you, blood boil and spreading diseases. You can always tab target through the mobs to spread some threat around that way too.

    Probably the best tip I could give DK tanks starting out would be never pull with Death Grip. That way if there are multiple mobs and you start losing threat on the cause of over zealous AoE'ing DPS you can always use Death Grip as an emergency taunt, or to rip a bad guy off the healers face.

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