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Thread: Tankadin Requires Assistance

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    Tankadin Requires Assistance

    Hello, recently I have level'd my Blood Elf Paladin to 85, and basically picked up all items for protection, e.g. stam/str/avoidance ..but I am still very confused now about what I should be looking at in items, reforging and also gemming. (I will probably need some help with my spec/tanking as well )

    Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...n%C3%A1/simple

    My general questions;
    • What should I be looking for on items?
    • What should I be reforging? (stat wise, Dodge>Mast/Exp?)
    • Is there any specific talent spec that I should be using?

    Don't really know what else to ask, pretty much just asking how do I gear my paladin basically. - Other than this, is there any other guides around that I could get some insight on? I've trolled a bit in google and found some guides that detail items and BIS (pre-heroic/raid) items but they are different from site to site.

    Thanks in advance

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    OK so first items:

    Best items: Example
    strength+stamina+[parry or dodge]+mastery

    Second best items:Example

    Third best:Example
    strength+stamina+[hit or expertise]+mastery

    4th best:Example
    strength+stamina+[hit or expertise]+[parry or dodge]

    5th best:Example
    strength+stamina+[crit or haste]+mastery

    category 6:Example
    strength+stamina+crit+haste (these should be melee dps priority anyway)

    non-armor items can also be those with Agility and mastery, as agility provides dodge chance, but chances are you will annoy a lot of rogues, hunters, feral druids and enhancer shamans if you roll on these.

    Items in category 1 can have the avoidance stat reforged to the other avoidance stat (dodge to parry or vice-versa) if you have over 1% more of one than the other.
    Items in category 2 can have the worst stat for you reforged to mastery (the one you have the most of already, if the difference between the two avoidance chances is large - I usually say more than 0.5% difference)
    In category 3, the hit or expertise get reforged to the most beneficial avoidance stat (the one you have least of)
    Expertise and Hit get reforged to mastery if the item is in category 4.
    Category 5 items get the crit or haste rating reforged to the most beneficial avoidance stat (like category 3)
    You shouldn't be using category 6 items.

    Stats you want.

    Basically you want to have lots of mastery. Mastery makes us take less damage because it makes us block more often, and a block removes 40% of the damage from a melee hit when holy shield is active (which it should always be). this needs balancing with enough health and avoidance (as a rule of thumb if you are dying because the healer cannot cast a heal between you being at 100% and dead you need more health, if your health trickles away you want more avoidance and block)

    Recommended reading:
    Digren over at maintankadin put together this guide on how you should gear at various "tank stages", detailing how stats affect us, which are better than others and what they do, aswell as linking "best" gear sets for each level (new 85, 5 mans, 5 man heroics, normal raiding, heroic mode raiding).
    Knaughty at maintankadin put together an FAQ about how to tank and what the new cataclysm mechanics mean for us
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