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Thread: Warrior T11 Tanking Legs vs DPS Legs

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    Warrior T11 Tanking Legs vs DPS Legs

    Hello all,

    I'm one of the tanks for my 10 man raid and for some strange reason I have this huge urge to pick the DPS legs over the tanking ones because of the huge amount of mastery on them.

    To me, the 2-piece is meh. 5% increase in Shield slam is not attractive to me at all as threat is just a joke right now. I know the 4-piece might come in handy in heroic modes, but at the rate my guild is going we'll probably won't get to them for another month or two.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Which one would you pick?

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    +193 mastery
    +113 hit
    -58 parry
    -188 dodge
    -60 stamina

    Two useful defensive stat and the opportunity to get one or two decent setbonus if you want to.. i'd go with tanking ones every day. Grab Al'Akir random pants with mastery/dodge or mastery/parry for blockgear.

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    Mastery is great but I have to agree. 58 parry, 60 stam and 188 dodge is much better than 193 mastery. Even without the stam difference id say 58 parry + 188 dodge is pretty close to 193 mastery if not better.

    While stam is no longer the way to go don't think it is useless. Alot of harder bosses will wreck a tank and stamina still plays an important role in tanking, don't prioritize it but don't dismiss it either.
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    The amount of strength on the Tier tanklegs makes me cry a little on the inside. They're still a little better then the dps legs but its close.

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    I guess the real question is if you value the hit/mastery combo. I for one am thinking of going the DPS leg route too and NOT reforging. I also use mastery/stam and dodge/stam gems instead of pure stam gems (except for the 101 JC ones) so its only a loss of 30 stam for me.. not 60

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rathh View Post
    so its only a loss of 30 stam for me.. not 60
    Assumed parry/mastery (red) and mastery/stamina (blue), you forgot about 30 Stamina socket bonus You get amazing 20 haste on the dps legs instead..

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