Guild Name: The Voodoo
Faction: Alliance
Server: Spirestone (PvP)
Raid Type: 10 man
Schedule: T/W/Th 5:00pm-9:00pm PST
Loot System: Loot Council (great variety of armor types - no drama)

<The Voodoo> formed on Spirestone to pursue above-casual raid progression in Cataclysm. We are a level 12 raiding guild, seeking new members to fill our roster. Some of our Core have decided to not show up lately, and it is greatly affecting our progression.

Bastion of Twilight
10m - 2/4 (had Elementium down to 3% on our best attempt)
Blackwing Descent
10m - 2/6 (Maloriak all but down)
Throne of the Four Winds
10m - 1/2 (Al'Akir down to 45% best attempt)

We are always accepting well-geared and knowledgeable applicants in most roles, however, our immediate need is for the following:
Warlock, Mail Ranged DPS (Ele/Hunter)
Resto Druid

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5:00pm-9:00pm PST.

Players who know their class: Latest knowledge on your class specs/rotations is a must. Do not expect us to educate you - we do not tolerate un-skilled players.

Raid-oriented team players: If switching specs is necessary for better add control or better single target DPS, we expect you to do so without question. In fact, we expect you to volunteer that information without being asked. We want contributing raiders - not just people who blindly wait like trained pets for their leader to tell them to do something. "Look where I am on the meter" is not what we encourage - it's more like "did you see the way I stopped that add from chewing off the healer's face when the tank couldn't taunt??". We are a team, and we expect you to feel the same way.

Guild-oriented effort: We expect our raiders to contribute to guild progression as well. This means donating mats/items to the bank, making flasks, feasts etc. and generally bettering the quality of the guild. We are looking for mature, reliable people who are committed to remaining with us for the remainder of Cataclysm.

Contact Information
Please apply on our website at: or contact me through a PM on this fansite.

Also, if you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about The Voodoo, any one of the following members can help in-game: Belleo(GM), Evonath, Rugma, Fenrisulfur, Stingerburns, or Caands.