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Thread: Druid | Bear Tanking problem

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    Druid | Bear Tanking problem

    So I've been tanking since BC with no issues really, But now that my guild has started getting into raiding I'm starting to get issues with surviving...

    one example is with Magma 10man he hits me all the time when SD isn't up for 60-90K... now when we switch me out with our warrior tank he rarely gets hit for more than 40k. im not stacking Stam... im stacking Agil/Mastery.

    Armory Link.

    now im realy realy realy getting pissed off with tanking as a druid... we tried to do Halfus several times with me tanking and we cant even get 1 drake down before i die bc our healers just cant keep up with the dmg the drakes put out on me... drakes hitting me for 70-80k consistently and halfus hits me for 50-70k so i normaly tank him. our warrior tank can take both 1 drake and halfus at the same time no problem...

    if anyone could help me out it would be helpful.. i cant find anything out there that is similar to this issue i am having

    and please dont post if your just gonna be like your an idiot or you dont know your class.

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    I can't really imagine why you are getting hit for nearly double the damage of the warrior without seeing a WoL or at a minimum some Recount logs. I can see why you are soaking more overall damage, though. I am hoping someone else is providing the attack speed debuff and I guess you go kitty enough that having TF talented is worth it.

    One of the glaring things I see is that you still strive to hit the exp./hit caps when these stats are far inferior to dodge. With vengeance and the OP that is Mangle (for now) hit and exp are just not worth it. Your dodge is really low since you have reforged to meet those caps. Take a look here http://elitistjerks.com/f73/t110351-...clysm_release/ and take note of the reforging recommendations.

    Good Luck!

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    I reforge a lot of my gear for hit/dodge. Not a huge fan of mastery myself. I have no problems tanking in BWD. I stay hit-capped though for bash and taunts. My Expertise is.. 3?


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    From looking at your armory , you lack dodge . As poster above reforge all items to dodge , Hit and EXP are not a major concern to us at the moment . Gemming i would gem Agi/Sta or dodge depending on sockets bonus and also meta socket . Here is my armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...aerbe/advanced

    Also isn't Taunt no longer linked to Hit ? my Expertise is 8 from gear bonus alone not sure what the hit is link and don't have problem tanking with this layout on bosses .

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    taunt can't miss.

    until a hotfix neither could the interupt from skullbash.

    currently you need mellee cap to interupt with skullbash.

    dodge mastery crit are your friends.

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    well ty you all for posting and giving me some help but the reason im trying for the hit/exp cap is bc of skullbash... theres been several times so far were i am needing to interrupt something and skullbash ends up missing or gets dodged. and on alot of these fights you cant realy have that happening... so if i reforge everything to dodge and say screw my hit/exp then that can still happen....

    and also just saying... i have reforged everything to dodge before and only get like 3% more dodge... kinda seems stupid to me... if i have my Hit/exp cap and get mastery high and proc that more would it be better than the 3% i gain?
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