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Thread: Protection Warrior needs help with damage intake

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    Protection Warrior needs help with damage intake

    I have started tanking for my guild in 10 mans, and i have been taking a lot of dam(more then i should) i keep thunder clap, Shield Block, and Demoralizing Shout,...etc up at all times.i have been getting complaints from my healers about how I am a mana sponge and just wondering if any1 has had the same problem or can help me with mine.

    this is my armory link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...icpaddy/simple

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    I don't really see anything wrong with your stats or gear; you are definitely raid-worthy gearwise. As long as your maintaining thunder clap, demo shout, and shield block, there's not much that you can improve on. Your talents and glyphs are fine.

    The only possibility that I see for healers to yell at you for in your gear is if you're problematic in standing in bad effects or not facing enemies or not interrupting. Otherwise I'd say it's the healers not using more efficient heals. Healing isn't exactly easy either right now though, and doesn't scale completely fairly with the amount of damage tanks are supposed to take right now. They could just be taking that out on you.

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