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Thread: Heroic raid strategies

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    Heroic raid strategies

    Hi there -

    My guild has downed Chimaeron and Halfus in 10-man heroic mode and now we're moving on to... Yeah.

    We tried Conclave of Wind but that fight is designed for raid composition, not skill. Without a rogue, we find it next to impossible to get past the first "full strength"-phase.

    Now we're considering doing Maloriak or Atramedes instead, seeing as most guilds just ahead of us did those. But thing is, there is no tactics for those fights, at least not what hours of googling could find me. Only exploits and such.

    Could anyone, and I'm on my knees here, for the love of God give me a brief explanation on what is going on in those fights? We had a glimpse of Obnoxious Fiends on Atramedes but we don't have the whole picture and we seem to be stuck. Normally I'd rather wipe constantly to learn it myself but we're at a point where we need something to push us in the right direction.

    Any inputs would be very appreciated, and you can have my firstborn as well
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    I'll move this to the raid discussion forums, hopefully you'll get more feedback there. I'm in the same boat, having just killed Al'Akir I want to try working on conclave but there isn't anything I can find readily even explaining the raid differences between heroic and non.

    It's definitely fun trying to learn the fights from scratch though, so just keep giving it a try, and be as analytical as you can and hopefully your guild and raiders understand that struggling now, will only make the success that much sweeter =D

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    Apologies for misplacing the topic, wasn't sure where to put it. Just out of curiosity - Did you do Al'Akir HC? Coz as far as I can tell, no one killed it yet but you probably mean normal

    Nevertheless, any tips and advice are still greatly appreciated.
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    Maloriak seems like he should probably be your next target after those two. They fixed his 10 man HM version (it was previously bugged so Aberrations had too much health). The only thing that really changes about the fight is the extra vial which you guys should be able to understand the mechanics of after seeing it once.

    Just pay attention to the debuff on the tank when hes channeling and what exactly the swills do .

    Atramedes is kinda hard. Many people were exploiting LOS on him or kiting the fires back towards the elevator to cheese the air phase which are both no longer doable.

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