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Thread: Magmaw Need help = (

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    Magmaw Need help = (

    Ok I hate calling out for help. Especially when I am one of the ones who needs it.

    Ok we have been putting in attempts on Magmaw, and by putting in attempts I mean getting our butts kicked. First off here is our set up

    Disc Priest
    Holy Pally
    Resto Druid

    Assassination Rogue

    Affliction Lock
    Fire Mage
    Arcane Mage
    Survival Hunter

    Prot Warrior
    (Our Boomkin is also our Off tank)

    Currently this is out strat.

    1 tank, 1 ranged being the hunter and everyone else stands in Melee range. The adds for the most part are dieing but I am not sure they are dieing fast enough. Should they be AoE'd down or do they need to simply be slowed then single targeted down. Either way I do not think that is what is killing us.

    And this is the part I hate, I have to think its the heals which includes me. I hate pointing the finger at myself but there it is. By the time we get Magmaw chained down the FIRST time I and the other healers are oom. I have no idea how to keep mana while trying to keep everyone alive from that darn lava spew = (. If anyone has any advice I would much appreciate it cause this guy is destroying us.

    If anyone is wondering exactly what my spec is. I have the standard smite spec from these forums.

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    I'm still dying to Magmaw and haven't killed him yet... BUT here's my two cents from a couple weeks of wiping (19 wipes on Saturday... hooray!)

    -STICK TO YOUR HEALING ASSIGNMENT no matter what. Don't be overhealing because you're clashing with your other healers; trust them. Seriously, I have stood there and let myself die because *the ranged DPS were my responsibility* and *I wasn't.* Make sure it's VERY clear who is healing what (in my raid it's a holy pally on the melee/healer group, a shaman/druid on the tank, and me (shaman) on the 3/4 ranged DPS/add-dealers-with) and that you really can't afford to carelessly heal 'whoever' when you have a spare second. That worked in ICC, NOT in Cata.

    -How much are you overhealing? If you're healing sensibly, it should be pretty low--on Magmaw I am healing almost constantly for the first phase of the fight and that nets me about 1% overheal (which is mostly Riptide, my one HoT, filling people up a bit past full)

    -Second, the good news is that if you can hold on until Magmaw is chained, you have a long time to get everyone back to full and sit around regenerating mana. It's a good time for all the healers to make sure they're clustered and use all mana cooldowns cooperatively and synergistically and... whatever. The time that Magmaw is chained is a big DPS burn kill-kill-kill but a (much needed) breather for the healers.

    Further than that, it's really impossible to say without seeing World of Logs parses or the like.

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    Just a heads up if you guys haven't gotten through a Mangle yet. You're gonna need a second legitimate tank unless you plan on healing the rest of the fight through the 50% armor debuff (which is doable, its how we do it) but if you are having mana problems as it is, that is going to be a serious showstopper for you guys after the first set of chains.

    Unless you meant your Moonkin is going bear and alternating, but he must get the crap kicked outta him doing that too.

    Magmaw is a spikey fight though, surviving till hes pinned and the tank is free is rough. The tank tends to take a little bit of extra time to pop out of his mouth too but then you get some nice recovery time there. You can setup cooldown rotations to help you with the lava spews so that you're not wasting large amounts of mana topping the raid off after each one.


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