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Thread: [H - Area 52] <Resurgence> 10/12 25m LF Disc Priest/Boomkin!

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    [H - Area 52] <Resurgence> 12/12 25m LF Prot Paladin & More!

    Recruitment Needs:
    Tanks: Prot Paladin (Strong offspec is a huge plus)
    Melee DPS: DPS Warrior
    Ranged DPS: 2 Ranged (Hunter/Lock/Mage/SPriest Preferably)
    Healers: Closed.

    Even if your class is not listed above, if you feel you are an exceptional player do not hesitate to apply!

    Raid Schedule:
    Monday; Wednesday; Thursday (7:45pm to 12:00am EST)
    We will be scheduling an “Alt Run” on Saturdays once we have enough guildies with raid-ready alts.

    Other off-night activities include experienced arena play, rated bgs, and casual raiding.

    About us:
    <Resurgence> has been an established "professional casual" raiding guild on the Area 52 server since The Burning Crusade. Our community mostly consists of working professionals and students who enjoy raiding on a reduced three day schedule. We are passionate about raiding on a high level while having fun and we are looking for people with that same passion.

    In Cataclysm we will continue with our main goal in mind: clear all available content.

    25 man Cataclysm Progression
    6/6 - Blackwing Decent
    4/4 - Bastion of Twilight
    2/2 - Throne of Four Wind

    Previous Progression:
    TBC: All content cleared
    WoTLK: All content save for HM LK and HM Halion
    Past Raid Achievements: Champion of the Naaru, Hand of A'dal, Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Glory of the Icecrown Raider, Mimiron's Head & many more.

    What we expect from our raiders:
    We are looking for trustworthy and consistent raiders who push themselves to perform to the best of their abilities. These players are team-oriented and prioritize what is best for the raid rather than their individual numbers. It is very important that our raiders know when to give input and when to listen.

    All raiders are required to keep up to date on the latest theorycrafting involved in their gear, talent specs, and class mechanics. Involving your secondary spec for certain encounters is highly recommended. We're looking for players who can approach encounters with quality effort and execution. Topping the meters is fantastic but not the most important thing to us.

    Raiders are expected to read boss strategies, watch the videos, and be fully prepared before seeing a boss encounter. Full consumables (appropriate flasks/food, healing potions, dps potions, mana potions) are obviously a requirement.

    Resurgence is an adult guild with a grown-up yet somewhat silly atmosphere. We raid to have fun and collect pretty mounts. Clearing content is far more enjoyable when you do it with a group of people you can laugh along with the whole way. That being said a positive attitude is a must - we don't expect anyone to open up immediately but ego trips and disrespect will not be tolerated.

    What you can expect from our guild:
    Our guild is a friendly community with fair, honest, and experienced leadership. We strive to complete all content at a reasonable pace and consistently compete with the top guilds from our server. Our raiders work as a team in everything they do; everything from recruitment process to loot distribution to boss strategies is a team effort.

    If you are looking for a guild that recognizes performance, works as a team and ranks among the most quickly progressed guilds on our server on a three night schedule – you have found the right place.

    Guild focus will be on our three nights of 25-man content; other raids are encouraged but often not ran by management.

    Our forums are quite active with commentary on boss strategies and theorycrafting. They also serve as a home for our chat room and recruitment discussions (along with a bunch of nonsense).

    Contacts & Links:
    Website: Resurgence [For fun, enter the Konami code on the front page ]
    Armory Page: Resurgence @ Area 52 - Game - World of Warcraft
    Wowprogress: WoW Guild Resurgence @ Area 52 :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History


    If you have any questions feel free to contact us. If you can't find an officer in game ask any member and they will point you in the right direction.
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