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Thread: New to bear tank. Curious if I am on the right path

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    New to bear tank. Curious if I am on the right path

    Hey all,

    I am new to druids, my toon is only about 2 months old and bear tank pve while saving resto for pvp.


    I am curious if I am heading in the right direction when it comes to gearing. I feel confident in my use of cooldowns and in my threat generation/control of the mobs.

    From my understanding agility is our main state followed by mastery then dodge >crit. Correct me if I am wrong of course.

    Also I am sitting at 18 expertise and 6.5% hit. How important are these? I have had no problems tanking heroics with these stats and have ran with even lower geared healers.

    I have a thick skin (hur hur) so feel free to critq away and let me know what I am effing up.

    For a rotation I typically FF>mangle>lacerate>swipe (if clear of cc'd mobs of course)Lacerate x2 more > pulverize> get lacerate up again...maintain pulv...blah blah. That's all dynamic of course and changes depending on how many mobs I am tanking at the time.

    Any suggestions would be great, I am thinking of moving toward raid tanking.


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    Avoidance equivalence points for bears, are about as follows:

    Agility is worth 1 avoidance point
    Dodge about 0.7 points
    mastery about 0.4 points (blizz nerfed bear mastery to bits at cata launch)
    Crit about 0.3 points
    Expertize and hit about 0.2 points each
    Haste is worth 0.06
    Bonus armor about 0.17 points (enchants and from trinkets...etc, p.s. check 240 armor on glov enchant vs 50 mastery rating enchant...)

    So, your reforge, geming and enchanting priority is:
    * Agility gems in all, except 2x dodge/stamina ones for activating meta. 130 agi on wep it cheap but good
    * reforge and enchant Dodge all round

    ...and that's it, there aren't any agility/dodge pieces, so you will (usually) reforge the most worth-less stat into dodge, as per the above list. And yes, that means reforging hit, haste and expertize into dodge as high priority.

    For raids:
    Entry level, 4-ish/12, you will want to have 150-160k life bulb raid buffed. The more triky-er bosses, and for the magic based encounters, you'll want to approach and breach 170k life bulb, raid buffed, with stamina flask/agility food buffs on. This won't happen unless your iLvL is in the 350+ range. You can "cheat" and gem and enchant stamina, but your average damage income will be higher, resulting in spiky-er damage intake and higher healer mana consumption rate.

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