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Thread: Post 4.0.6 SMF Warrior Information/Findings

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    Post 4.0.6 SMF Warrior Information/Findings

    Please stick to discussions about SMF. I want to discuss with other SMF warriors what they have been doing differently than TG warriors to increase DPS. Here is what I have found so far:

    1. The incite spec works better for SMF-I find this to be true based on raid dps but also with the idea that DW and the math that supports this is based on weapon dmg.

    2. The stat priorities are slightly different with less of an emphasis on mastery for SMF. My stat priorities have been 6.5% expertise>str>crit>hit>mastery>haste. Notice how I don't limit hit to 8%.

    3. I use HS when above 50% rage unlike TG which I think is approx 60%.

    4. Gemming and enchanting is the same.

    5. Reforging is similar to TG as haste sucks and is the best stat to reforge. I reforge crit everywhere I can muster it. I have found that the best gear to forge expertise from is gear that comes with crit. That way you can forge crit on everything else.

    Here is my armory if you want to see my relative gear level:


    Please SMF warriors give me some of your recent findings. PEACE!
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